2022 has marked the year when wedding save the dates have turned into baby shower invitations in our friend circle. It is so exciting to have a group of girls to walk through the transition to motherhood with, but with so many babies, the price of gifts really can add up! I’ve wrangled a few of my favorite baby gifts that show you care, without breaking the budget. 

First are a few gifts that I received for my own baby shower that I absolutely loved and are budget friendly.

Shop the clearance rack:

Take a peek at what baby clothes are on sale currently. Do a little math to figure out how old the baby will be when that season rolls around again, and buy some clothes for the baby in a larger size. I was gifted so many newborn clothes, getting some clothes for when Baby G gets bigger was so appreciated!

Pacifier clips:

I underestimated how easily pacifiers go missing. Grab some cute and inexpensive pacifier clips and a pack or two of pacifiers for an incredibly useful gift. 


It will be awhile before Baby G will be requesting bedtime stories, but books remain one of my favorite gifts. Pick out a favorite book or two for the baby. You can make it extra special by writing the baby note on the inside cover.

Milestone cards:

Every baby needs a set of cute milestone cards for pictures. Consider pairing these with a personalized blanket for a perfect gift.

I am also a big fan of putting a few inexpensive items together for a themed gift. Here are a few examples!

  • Grab some baby shampoo, lotion and a hooded towel for a cute bath time themed gift set. 
  • Use a beach bucket to hold a swimsuit, sunglasses, hooded beach towel and a bottle of baby-safe sunscreen for that baby’s first summer trip!

What are some of the best gifts you received at your baby shower?

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