Breastfeeding is a huge commitment and a time consuming one at that. Finding the most effective and useful products to benefit you along the way can be so important. Whether you exclusively nurse, pump or do a combination like I do, you will find this article helpful. As a second time mama, I have tried a lot of things, here is my top list of breastfeeding essentials.


A Hakaa is a must for me strictly for clogged ducts, I don’t find myself reaching for it any other time but it might be the biggest need in my eyes. If you get a clogged duct, which most women do, filling it with hot water and epson salt will get it out in no time and save you from mastitis. I didn’t have one with my first son because I didn’t think I needed it with exclusively pumping but I would still highly recommend if that is your journey.

Spectra S1 Pump

A hospital grade pump is so important if you plan to pump at all. It’s the best way to guarantee your breasts are being fully emptied. The Spectra S1 is my favorite because while you do have to be attached to the machine, you can be away from an outlet and as a mom of a toddler as well, that is huge.

Sunflower Lecithin

This is just another supplement to add your daily vitamins but it’s a game changer. Taking 1-2 daily can keep clogs away completely but if you happen to get one taking 3-4 can help clear it. As someone with an oversupply, these help keep me pain free and keep a good milk flow for my boy.

Nursing Cover

I am all for openly nursing, its every mamas right to do so but I’m personally not comfortable being out in public nursing, at least not yet. So because of that I got the cutest nursing and carseat cover from Caden Lane. It is the softest fabric while still being really breathable for my boy. With it doubling as a car seat cover it gets tons of use going into more busy areas that I don’t want my son completely exposed to. This is another product I didn’t have with my first but definitely wish I did.

Momcozy S9 Pro

A hands free pump is a complete game changer, especially if you have multiple kids. I love the Momcozy S9 Pro for the more affordable price point, high suction power and easy to clean parts. The battery holds a good charge too which is a huge plus. I use these while I make dinner, driving from one place to the other, or just while I work and don’t want to hassle with putting on a different bra for my other pumps. These are a favorite in my house and I’m planning on ordering another set of pump parts to have on hand if my first set is dirty.

Lansioh bottles

These come highly recommended from so many lactation consultants and with good reason. The shape of the nipple is perfect to keep babies latch strong to go from bottle to breast with ease. My son has had zero problems with using them and the nipples fit in Spectra pumping bottles perfectly so you don’t have to dirty a whole bottle if you already have pumped milk stored.

High quality nursing/pumping bras

If you plan to nurse or pump for a long stretch of time, having a good bra is a must. Having a supportive bra that fits well Is actually hugely important for your supply. If you pump and nurse, you can find bras that have the ability to do both in one bra so you don’t have to put on a pumping bra, I have two from Kindred Bravely that I absolutely love.

What are your nursing or pumping must haves? share all your breastfeeding essentials in the comment section for other mamas!

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