Running out of fun ideas to keep your littles entertained this summer? Here are some fun activities to beat the heat as the dog days of summer return.

Listen or Record Stories on the StoryPod

My kids love their StoryPod because not only is it adorable, but it plays songs, stories, and even offers fun movement ideas that keep them entertained. Since I have kids ranging from 8 to 18 months I love that the StoryPod has recordables, where my daughter can record herself reading her favorite book, “The Day the Crayons Quit”, and then her baby brother can listen to her reading it on the StoryPod while she is at school. Not only is he entertained, but my daughter is always excited when we spend time recording her reading. Personally, I also love the little plush characters that my kids often want to snuggle and take to bed with them.

StoryPods are so customizable from the sleeve color or pattern selection to the collection of stories offered this is so much more than a toy and will offer hours of air conditioned fun!

Daniel Tiger (Daniel Tiger Stories)

Uma the Unicorn (Songs to Move To)

The Frog Prince (Classic Fairy Tales)

Popsicle Making and Sprinkler Day

I still remember the fun of a sprinkler so pairing a fun sprinkler day with an activity of making popsicles is a fun way to stay cool. First start by making some homemade popsicles. My favorite way to make them is with some vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit that is your kids favorite. You could sub the yogurt for juice and I love this fun sea animal mold.

While the popsicles are setting up, pop the kids suits on and turn on one of these cute Melissa and Doug Sprinklers.

These are the swimsuits my girls have been rocking all summer long and the quality is so amazing that I know they will be perfect for next year too! I love that it provides the perfect amount of coverage and has the most beautiful floral pattern.

Best part they are now on sale and if you have boys this suit coordinates perfectly and my little guy has loved it all summer too.

Lovevery Block Set

This is the perfect toy for indoor open ended play. From my 8 year old to my 18 month old this toy is one of our most played with and offers an opportunity to create castles, towns, towers to knock down, and a million other things.

Water Table/Water Sensory Play

First, you don’t need a fancy water table to do water play, but if you have one here are some other tips to make the play last longer. Add bubble mix. Each spring I would get the water table out like the one below in hopes my kids would play for hours, but truth be told it only held their attention for a few minutes until…I added bubble bath mix and then it became hours of fun!

I’ve been loving the Dabble and Dollop bubble mix because of the fun summery scents!

Also, you can take a few smaller figurines or animals and freeze them in ice cube trays and/or sand castle molds to allow your kids even cooler play.

Toy Edit/Organization!

Here my out, honestly you can make this fun…every time it’s too hot or too rainy to play I like to turn on Kids Pandora and start a toy edit/organization game and it honestly ends up being so fun for me mentally and for my kids because they rediscover toys that have fallen to the bottom of a basket, bin, or were so scattered that they can’t play with them properly.

Here’s hoping this quick list of ideas help us tired Moms through these final hot days of summer because before we know it we will be snuggling in sweaters, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, and taking our kids to the pumpkin patch!

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