Time really is a thief…one minute your getting your only child out the door for school and you’ve got so much time to pick out the perfect outfit with matching bow…the next you’re getting 4 kids ranging from age 8 to 18 months out the door and you’re just praying you didn’t leave anyone’s shoes at home like last Tuesday! In all seriousness, here are a few tips and tricks for getting out the door on busy school days whether you have a baby or a highschooler!

Get Yourself Up and Ready First

On my most prepared days, I like to get up by 6am, do a quick morning routine of potty, brush my teeth, wash my face, change into my workout clothes, and then head downstairs to make coffee while watching the news or reading a devotional.

Giving myself just 30 minutes before my whole crew wakes up helps me feel prepared. If time permits, I also love filling water bottles and doing a few other things that can set the morning routine up for success once my kids are up.

Wake Kids up Oldest to Youngest

Trust me this doesn’t always happen, but when all my kids are still sleeping, I have found it best to wake my oldest daughter up first and then follow birth order for getting them up, dressed, and downstairs. My approach is simple, my oldest once up can be a helper with the others.

Some days the baby wakes up first and I just roll with it, but when I have the option it’s nice to take advantage of the extra help, whether it’s pulling out fruit for breakfast or making sure all backpacks are by the door, I can get from my older children.

Ask for Help

My husband took over lunch packing duty when I was on Maternity Leave with our son and he was so good at it that I asked if he could take this role over indefinitely. You see, he is up and out of the house very early for his job so he knocks it out without any kids bothering him and it is a way he can show both the kids and I love since he’s not around when the chaos of the morning routine is in full swing.

Make Breakfast Easy

We have some breakfast go-to items that I feel good about that my children can select each morning. Here are some options you can try that have worked for us:

  • Kodiak Power Waffles with Bananas
  • Chobani Yogurt (my kids like Vanilla or Peach) with Granola
  • De Wafflebakkers Mini Pancakes with sliced Strawberries and Maple Syrup for dipping
  • Plain bagels with strawberry or plain cream cheese
  • Life Cereal
  • Grits with Cheese
  • Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon

I wish my girls liked eggs, but they just don’t so having some good options on hand that I can make in minutes is a lifesaver!

Keep Items you Need Where You Need Them

For example, long ago I realized it just wasn’t in the cards for us to do hair in the bathroom. Typically my kids are at the kitchen table eating their breakfast while doing morning work or sometimes getting to watch a “Sophia” or “Wild Kratts” while I’m taming their bed head. We keep a small basket downstairs that has a brush, hair ties and our favorite bows so that this part of the morning routine goes smoothly.

Another hack I’ve done recently is storing our vitamins in the car. I put the kids vitamins and mine in the center console so that I can dole them out on the way to school vs. forgetting them before we head out the door.

Pick Clothing Out the Night Before

This one is for sure an old trick, but for good reason it works! We don’t always get to do this, but everyone’s morning goes smoother if we do! It only takes a few moments honestly and if I grab a dress or even a dress and an outfit option for my girls to pick between and hang it on the outside of their closet in the morning it alleviates the debate or fuss about what to wear. I usually do this right after reading time at night in their room and it is truly one habit that has helped.

That being said also make sure you go through your child’s closet at the beginning of each school year to remove clothes that don’t fit or that either you or your child don’t gravitate to. If you see a dress that was gifted to your daughter, but that just isn’t her or your style it’s time to let it go because I always like to think another kid would be blessed to have it and wear it!

Here are some Back to School staples I’m loving from Caden Lane:

Name Long Sleeve Shirts

I love these for girls and boys paired with a jean skirt or jeans are the perfect back to school outfit!

Make the Ride to School FUN!

Whether you are loading kids onto a bus and come up with a fun hug or goodbye routine or you’re like me and play MOMMY DJ on the way to school keep things light!

Even if I’ve been begging and sometimes screaming for my kids to hurry up and get in the car, I always try to flip into FUN MOM mode and give them encouragement for the day ahead.

Mommy DJ is a fun thing we play where they name a song they want me to play from Pandora on the way to school to hype them up. My 3 year old requests “Baby Shark” daily, while my oldest is still loving Kids Bop beats! These are the days and even though the mornings are crazy try to find the fun in it!

Here’s to all the Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents, caregivers and others helping get kids ready for a successful school day! May your coffee be strong and there be very few Tardies!

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