Western names are making a comeback BIG TIME and it’s no surprise with a show as addicting to watch as Yellowstone! I’m currently behind on a few episodes, but I am hoping to catch up with my hubby soon. In honor of the growing trend, here are ten baby girl and ten baby boy names that are either stolen or inspired by Yellowstone!

Baby Girl Names as Beautiful as the West!

Elizabeth: Beth or Eliza

Perfect name for a little baby girl that is sure to be one tough cookie!


This is the setting of Yellowstone and I love this would be a unique little girl’s name.


It’s a perfect name for a little cowgirl!


She’s bound to be wild like her Wyoming city namesake!


Another name that makes me think of a strong-willed little lady!


This name is fun and I love that it can have cute nicknames like Cassy or Cassie!


This makes me think of the cowgirl from Toy Story and it would be perfect as a full first name or middle name.


Such a sweet name with lots of historical context in the Wild West!

Oakley or Oakleigh

Probably my personal favorite in the list I love that you can adjust the spelling and this name seems so strong with the root “OAK” in it!

Baby Boy Names as Wild as the West!


I love this short name that just rolls off the tongue and reminds me of one of my favorite country singers!


Seriously, who isn’t a Rip fan! A little boy with this name is bound to be LOYAL!


This name just screams Cowboy and I love that!


This is a true gentleman name if I’ve ever heard one!


This spelling is just so fun and a bit daring like the Yellowstone character.


Classic and strong just like the Patriarch John Dutton himself!


I think this would be a fun middle name to pair with a longer first name like William “Tate or Benjamin “Tate”.


This is a unique and bold name for a little man inspired by a Yellowstone character!


Even if it’s not a family name I love this names nod to a more traditional male name.


Perfect for a little boy who will be wild and free!

Now I’m excited to catch up on this year’s season and see if there are more names that should be added to this fun list! Did any of you get your name inspiration from a show, book, or movie?

Perfect Pairing!

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