As you pack your hospital bag and prepare the nursery, don’t forget to also put some thought into your baby’s medicine cabinet essentials! There are some important items you should have on hand, because you just never know when that first cold will hit or when that fever will spike.

Pain Reliever

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Motrin) is essential to have in your medicine cabinet. Teething can be painful and sometimes those immunizations can cause a fever in your little one. When administering over the counter medication to your baby, it is important to use the included syringe and follow the dosage charts accordingly. *It is crucial you speak to your pediatrician before administering any medication to your baby, especially under 3 months of age.*


An absolute necessity! Your little one is bound to get a fever when they are young and building their immune system. Rather than guessing by using the back of your hand if your little one has a fever, find a reliable thermometer. Often for the littlest of babies, a rectal thermometer is best, but there are options for armpit, ear, or forehead as well. I love the FridaBaby collection of products, and find them to be good quality as well. They do offer 3-in-1 thermometer options, so you can find one that fits your preference.

Saline Drops & Nose Frida

Your baby doesn’t know how to blow their nose yet, so when congestion starts to build, it can be so tough to see your little one struggle to breathe through their nose. Saline drops help loosen up the mucus that is in their nose so it is easier to get out. The Nose Frida allows you to gently suck the mucus from your baby’s nose (safely & no boogers get to your mouth!). Both of these were an absolute lifesaver when our little one came down with her first cold!

Vapor Drops

It really is so heartbreaking when your little one gets sick for the first time, and you will do absolutely anything to help them feel better. Have some vapor drops on hand and ready to use when your little one starts to get congested or have some post nasal drip. Add these to your humidifier, or put a few drops in the bath and allow your little to breathe in the eucalyptus and lavender scents, as it helps clear their airways.

Gas Drops/Gripe Water

As your baby’s stomach navigates breastmilk or formula, he/she may have some gas build up. When you’ve tried all the tricks in your bag and your baby is still fussy, consider trying gas drops or gripe water. Do research and discuss with your pediatrician which option is best for your baby, but these gas drops were also essential for us during those early months!

Diaper Rash Cream

Just like your little one is bound to get a fever in their first year, they are also sure to get a diaper rash as well. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, so sometimes certain wipes or diapers may also cause irritation. There are a few options on the market for diaper cream, so find one that works best for your baby. It might even be worth finding small travel size tubes of a variety of creams, until you find the best one for your baby.

Vaseline or Aquaphor

While not an ingestible medicine for your little, I still think Vaseline or Aquaphor is essential enough for your baby’s medicine cabinet! There are times when your little one simply has dry or chapped skin – under the nose while fighting a cold, on their elbows or knees, scratches from those sharp baby fingernails etc. I found using either Vaseline or Aquaphor cleared up the dry or chapped skin quickly and effectively. These also work great as a protection against diaper rashes.

Nail Clippers/File

Although not a medication, this is an essential to have in your medicine cabinet! Baby nails grow fast and can get very sharp. It is important to stay on top of trimming their fingernails to help prevent too many accidental scratches to their face (as they figure out how to use their hands and arms). There are traditional nail clippers on the market, as well as electric nail trimmers available, either will work so use one you are most comfortable with!

Of course as your baby grows into an adventurous toddler and then curious child you will need things like bandaids, gauze pads, ice packs, and more – but for now, your little baby has their own necessary essentials. This list is a good start as you begin to prepare your medicine cabinet for your little one’s arrival!

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