Okay mamas, having babies can definitely be expensive and if you are anything like me you may find yourself trying to find the cheapest products since it’s all gotta work to some extent, right? I found quickly with my first that I wanted higher quality items to not only make motherhood easier on me but also products that were going to last for future children.

Heres a list of all the items I bought after I realized the cheaper options were not going to work for us long term.

Hatch Sound Machine

Coming in at a starting price of $60, she’s definitely not cheap but I promise its worth it. The Hatch will grow with your kids since it becomes such a big part of their routine. Its got 10+ color options if your kids need a night light, and 10 sound options. You can control it all from your phone and have as many of them in different rooms as you please. When my baby is no longer in our room I’m going to get my own because I’m so used to it now. My favorite thing about it is its timer settings to start building a sleep schedule for your little ones from birth. I highly recommend, 10/10.

Convertible, Well Made Stroller

Now their are SO many strollers on the market in different price points. So this is really open to what you are looking for but I would make sure it meets a few requirements. I’ve owed 5 strollers over the years and I really never ended up with exact what I needed, I now just make it work but don’t make my mistakes if you are just now building a registry or shopping for a stroller. Make sure if you plan to have multiple kids that you get a convertible option so it can turn into a double when you are ready for that. Also, you may not think it matters but I promise it does – look at the wheels. Make sure you are purchasing something that is going to easily push through all different areas comfortably. My last requirement would be some options to it, does it have a cup holder for you? A snack tray for your kids? How ablout a large storage area? All these things will really matter to you later on.

Fashionable and Funtioning Diaper Bag

Listen, I know what you are thinking, a diaper bag is a diaper bag but its really not. You not only want a diaper bag with as much storage options as possible, you want it to be cute. Your diaper bag really becomes a part of you as a mom, and if you have multiples close in age, you will use this bag a LONG time. You need to really like it and it needs to match your style, it essentially becomes your purse. I went with the Lululemon Parent Bag because I do lean towards wearing more “active wear” on a daily basis and the bag is extremely useful.

Bamboo Pajamas

I swore I would never spend the money on bamboo pajamas and then I bought my son one sleeper to see what the hype was all about. I am now a bamboo mama through and through. You can find quite a few brands now since it is such a talked about thing but my personal favorite is Caden Lane. They offer the thickest bamboo I have been able to find which is important to me with wanting it to last through multiple kids. They also have some of the cutest and most unique prints I have found.

Comfortable Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is essential for my daily life as a second time mom. I am now on my third carrier and feel like I really found what I needed in one. Personally I take the more structured carrier approach just because it feels easier to get things done. Recently I purchased the Tula Baby carrier, it has a large waist band for tons of support which my c section scar really appreciates, thick padded shoulder straps, mesh breathable back to keep baby cool and a pocket for storage in the front. Look for whatever features are most important to you in a carrier but make sure its comfortable.

Comfortable and Aesthetic Rocking Chair

Lastly, a rocking chair, its pricy but so worth it. Take the approach to this that I did, you want comfortable, but also, get something that will aesthetically match another part of you house. So when you are done using it in your nursery, it can still be a useful piece of furniture somewhere else.

Thats my list of splurge items that were definitely worth it for me. What are your splurge must have baby items?

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