Where has this bouncer been my entire LIFE!? I am going to save you the heartache that I’ve been dealing with since I did not find this baby gear item until Baby #4! Go right now and invest in the Baby Bjorn Bouncer and tell them Emily sent you!! Seriously, this bouncer is a GAME CHANGER! I don’t know how I missed this with my first three babies, but either the good news was just not out yet or I just didn’t get the memo because this is now in my short list for MUST HAVE baby items.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons this bouncer is the BEST hands down and WORTH EVERY PENNY!

1. Packs FLAT!

Did you hear that? This means it is so portable and doesn’t take up any room when traveling. As a Mom to 4 with an SUV that is always packed to the max for trips this was a true life saver. I loved that this bouncer could double as a sleeper (supervised of course!), high chair, and play area for baby when we traveled. Because it packed so flat we often took it to the beach, pool, and so many places in between to have a safe place for baby while we were busy chasing the others!

2. Baby Powered!

I love that this bouncer doesn’t require any batteries! It’s such a nice breath of fresh air compared to the noisy bouncers with all the strobing lights and vibrating features. This bouncer is perfect because to operate it a Mom, Dad, or caregiver just needs to bounce it subtly with their hand or foot. Once baby grows up they will learn that kicking their legs or waiving their arms allows the bouncer to bounce, which is such a neat experience to witness them making the connection!

3. Fun Accessories!

When we purchased our Baby Bjorn, which was a pre-used one (this is testimony to the great quality) it came with this adorable googly eyed toy bar! I actually didn’t add this until my baby was about 4 months because before that it just wasn’t really needed. Around 4 months he loved to look at it and as that month progressed he could reach for the bar. By 6 months he knew how to spin each piece and this bouncer and toy bar was his most favorite daily toy and activity all in one!

4. Easy to Wash!

Blow outs happen so having the ability to quickly pull the entire cover off of the frame and pop it in the wash was just AMAZING! Our cover was a beige color and initially I was concerned it may stain, but it never did and trust me there were quite a few blowouts! If we hadn’t bought ours as a pre-used one I might have selected a bit darker of a color. The Baby Bjorn bouncer held up wash after wash.

5. Multi Functional!

I mentioned this above, but I used this from about 3 months up until about 9 months for so many things! It could be a great portable nap spot for baby, a play space, and even a great place to give baby a meal or snack. We used it at the beach, lake, home, and everywhere in between!

Ultimately, I truly wish I had discovered this amazing bouncer with my first daughter because this was one of my most used and loved baby gear items over my son’s first year. As you can clearly see from all the pictures of him in it throughout each month! Perhaps best of all was that this little bouncer also lead to some epic napping! Wish they made an adult version!!

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