To my precious little one on the eve of a brand new year…

This past year was filled with firsts. Your first breath, our first snuggles, your first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was filled with you learning new things alongside awe filled squeals from me. I tried to capture every second- both with my camera and by storing them in the most secure parts of my memory. I never want to forget a second of the year that brought me you.

Tomorrow though, we’re starting a new year. A year where you get to be here from day one. A year that will include more firsts and some huge milestones (hello first birthday!). You don’t know this yet, but a lot of people like to make resolutions this time of year. They like to make plans to do new things or stop doing old things. To do things better, less or more. It’s also a time to hope and dream for the future. And these last few weeks, as I’ve rocked you in the quiet dark of the nursery before bed (and sometimes still the middle of the night), I’ve thought about what that looks like for us. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

I hope this year brings you more happiness and joy than your sweet, tender heart can even hold.

I will work to be present with you in all of life’s moments. The big and momentous, the small and mundane and every one in between.

I’ll be more relaxed about schedules and expectations.

I’m going to worry less about whether or not I’m doing it “right” and focus more on enjoying every minute with you.

I promise to be patient…with you and with myself. I will remember that we’re both learning.

We’ll start new traditions as a family.

We will go on more adventures, take more walks, play new games and learn new things.

There’s something refreshing about a brand new year- a fresh start, so many possibilities. But the best thing about this one is having you with us to experience it all!

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