It’s that time of year again…hamburgers and hotdogs, sparklers and fireworks, parades and popsicles. Mix in some 90-degree sunny weather and you have the recipe for the perfect 4th of July!

Now while having kids and babies be a part of the celebration can be so fun and magical, it can also be challenging to think of ways to keep the fun going while making sure baby is comfortable. Here’s a few tips!

1. Plan your day around the times when it’s the least hot! Whether it be an early morning parade or a cookout as the sun goes down, unless you plan on staying inside with your babe for celebrations it might be best to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Generally, these are between 10am-6pm, area and weather depending. 

2. If you do have plans that take the family outdoors, be sure to bring or find shade for baby! Especially since it’s not recommended for babies under 6 months to use sunscreen. Find those trees and bring out the umbrellas! 

3. Make sure baby wears light and loose-fitting clothes! I know there’s so many cute holiday themed outfits but be sure they’re not too restricting or made of material that will be too hot for them. If baby tolerates a hat and sunglasses these might be a good additive as well!

4. A fan! I can’t say how many times I have used our stroller fan! A cool baby makes a happy baby. 

5. Infant noise canceling headphones. Helpful for the loud parades and fireworks!

6. Celebrate at home! Don’t want to pack up the kids and baby gear to travel? Easy access to AC and where baby normally naps? Yes please! Celebrate as a family or invite people over, however you want! 

7. Bring Grandma! (Or in our cause Gigi and Lollie) Grandmas make everything better and are so helpful with lending a hand. 

And finally, as you head out for your fun celebrations, here are some things to watch out for as far as heat goes…

Overheating: crying, red cheeks, sweating and irritable

Dehydration: lack of tears when crying, lack of wet diapers, lethargy. (Make sure baby drinks plenty of breastmilk or formula to stay hydrated, just water won’t cut it for littles!)

You can always feel the back of your baby’s neck for a quick check to see if they feel too hot. Just checking an extremity won’t be accurate for the core temp.

If you feel baby is getting too hot, wrap a damp cool rag on them.

I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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