I’ve been in the thick of new motherhood for 4 weeks now. The speed at which time seems to be passing is incredible to me. I also feel like I’m beginning to develop a better understanding of the phrase “the days are slow but the years go fast”. There are definitely days that feel long, and then I look at the calendar and realize 4 weeks have already gone by and I’m shocked!

If you’re also a new mom or a seasoned mom who is back in the throes of newborn life you have probably discovered a whole new set of skills you didn’t know you had but have honed in these first few weeks. For those of you about to welcome your newest addition I’ve made a list to prepare you for what is coming your way!

1. You will master doing things one handed

Especially those of you who have babies that do not like to be put down. I see you mama. And I see those arm muscles you’re building carrying a baby in one arm and the laundry/groceries/the diaper bag in the other.

2. Your new dance move is the bounce and rock

We all know the motion I’m talking about. That set of movements that seems to always calm a fussy baby. You’re rocking, bouncing, swaying all at once using your best shushing voice to calm that little one. It feels exhausting sometimes (or all the time?) but I promise mama, you are doing a great job!

3. You can function on much less sleep than you thought

Easily one of the most challenging parts of new motherhood for me and I’m sure for many others- the lack of sleep. You’re up a lot during the night, it’s hard to find time to rest during the day and your eyes feel heavy often. But you find as the days go on, your body adjusts and you’re able to feel a bit more like your old self even on half the amount of sleep.

4. You will become a baby paparazi

You’ll take 1,000 photos of your newest love because you just can’t stand how cute they are. You won’t care that the baby is doing pretty much the same thing in at least half the photos because you can’t possibly risk missing a slightly different facial expression or their newest precious outfit. Don’t forget to take some with you and your partner in them too though!

5. You will become an expert at the speed shower

Oh sure there are times where your partner or family is watching the baby and you’re able to enjoy the leisurely shower of your pre baby days. But many days, when it’s just you and baby at home, you’ll be scrubbing as fast as possible while glancing at the monitor through the shower door to be sure the baby hasn’t woken up yet. 

6. You’ll (hopefully) learn to ask for help

This can be a tough one. If you’re the kind of mama that wants to be independent and do it all of your own. I get it, I see you- I am you. But in this new season of life, I promise you- ask for help and take it when it’s offered. You don’t need to do anything but care for that baby so if someone wants to bring you dinner or do your dishes, let them!

7. You’ll discover that your heart can hold more love than you ever thought

They tell you this when you’re pregnant. I know I heard it multiple times and I still never really realized how true it is. Your heart will feel like it’s about to burst, that you maybe can’t even contain how much you love this new little life. And that’s what will get you through the hard, exhausting days. Just when you think you can’t love them anymore…you do.

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