Scrub-a-dub-dub! Let’s get that little one in the tub using my take on my favorite bath products!

1. Angel Care Baby Bathtub

This will fit babies 0-6 months and works great! I love that it’s a comfy lounger and it’s mesh plastic, so the water never gets cold where baby sits, it’s just the same water that’s in the whole tub! It also would work in a large sink.

2. Blooming Bath Flower

Another option I think is a great idea is this plush flower seat for sink baths. I never got one but wish I did when my baby was smaller. I have a small double sink in our kitchen so it wouldn’t have worked for long, but the first few weeks we bathed our little man in the kitchen sink and this would have been amazing! This one also states to be used for 0-6 months.

3. Munchkin Bath Rinser

You can definitely just use a large plastic cup, but this thing is large, has a handle, and the rubber conforms to baby’s head if they hate getting water in their face. For $5 this is so worth it!

4. Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop

I LOVE the Munchkin products, and this toy scooper is so cool. Easily fish out the toys from the bath water, rinse them off if needed and just hang the scoop on the wall of the bathtub! Makes for easy cleanup and quick drying.

5. Spout Cover

A necessity, we don’t need babies banging their noggin on the metal spout! You might be able to wait to purchase this until baby is mobile, but if you get nothing else, I would get this.

6. Hooded Towels

Regular towels work too, but I love the hooded ones. I feel like it helps keep baby warmer for longer after exiting the tub. My favorites are the bamboo ones, so soft! I actually need to purchase some larger ones, I have a chunky 3 month old!

7. Bath Toys

Not a necessity by any means, but it can make bath time more fun and memorable for you and baby! There are so many toys you can get, from rubber ducks to light up toys that spray and foam letters you stick to the side of the tub! I have rubber ducks left over from a baby shower game so I use those for now since my baby is still young, but I can’t wait to make bath time magical for him!

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