I think most women can agree, it’s crazy how many prenatal appointments you go to when you’re expecting a baby, and then for postpartum you get one at six weeks. (Unless you’re a C-Section Mama, you get an additional one at 2 weeks). 

It’s no secret that moms appear to lose priority during postpartum. Let’s prioritize YOU, this is the fourth trimester after all! Here is a list of helpful items to assist with healing during this time. 

1. Adult Diapers/Pads

A must. Bleeding is natural and nothing to fear, just think heavy period. I found Depends diapers to be so much easier compared to a large pad and underwear. But if you do go the pad route, get the largest most absorbent ones out there. (Yes you’re going to bleed if you have a C-Section too). Overnight Maxi pads are a good option. 

2. Peri Bottle

Super nice for cleaning the lady bits! The Frida Mom one is angled for your comfort. 

3. Padsicles/Ice or Heat Packs

I was so excited, I had found a padsicle “recipe” online when I was probably 16 and couldn’t wait to try it when I had a baby. Welp, even though I made them I never used them for my C-Section delivery. Every woman is different so whatever you need to do down there for your comfort go for it! I just didn’t need much of anything this time around. Dermoplast spray and Tucks pads can also be used in place of or combined! 

Padsicles – Get some large overnight pads, witch hazel and aloe gel. Open up the pads and squirt equal parts of the witch hazel and aloe onto them. Then fold them gently back up and put in a freezer bag and stick in the freezer until needed! 

4. Pelvic Binder/Belly Band

The pelvic binder the hospital gave me was a God send. I definitely tried to go about life without it for the first few days and the difference it made in my comfort was astounding after surgery. I’ve known some moms to wear a belly band after a vaginal delivery, so do you Mama!

5. Nipple Cream/Nursing Pads/Nursing Bra

I definitely realize this is more for the breastfeeding Mama, but you might leak even if you don’t breastfeed so pads might not be a bad idea. And if you do breastfeed, Lanolin cream is a dream. Protect those sore nipples girl! It can be possible to avoid cracked and bleeding nipples as long as baby has a good latch, so do yourself a favor and get some nip cream! And nursing bras or bralettes that can be pulled down easily are essential for feeding that babe.

6. Comfy Clothes

A no brainer for sure! Who doesn’t like to be comfortable at home, especially after birthing a tiny human?? (The Stars Above brand at Target in the pajamas section is AMAZING) A robe will also be super useful. 

7. Stool Softener

Taking a stool softener like Miralax is a great idea after giving birth. The first few bathroom trips can be rough, so please do yourself a favor and start taking something! 

And to add to this, Frida Mom has several products mentioned above, most of which you can purchase as kits, so they’re already put together ready to go. They also have labor kits FYI! 

This is just a guide, so add to it or take away from it as needed. Each trimester of pregnancy has its challenges, so pamper yourself during this one, Mama! 

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