Baby toys…if there’s not hundreds there’s thousands of different kinds and brands to choose from for your little one to play with. Talk about overwhelming! And from so many different price points, it can add up if you’re not careful.

Coming from a mom with a 5 month old, here are our favorite toys so far and why!


My baby is obsessed with this teether. It’s easy for him to hold in his little fist and he loves to suck and chew on it. I got it for him before he could even use it well, so the first few times he started wanting to put things in his mouth we introduced him to it by flipping the mushroom up to resemble a cup so it would be easier for him to hold it. He loves it both ways even now! Super easy to clean as well and even suctions to the side of the tub if you want to include in your bath time routine! Six dollars on their website!


We were gifted this at our baby shower and my baby LOVES it. There’s so many options to grab onto and bite, and even has a rattle. Out of all his toys he loves, I will say this one he is able to hold on to the best by far. A favorite for in the car too as he’s able to reach it himself due to it being a larger toy, but also lightweight so he can shake it if he wants to. A win in my book. Ten dollars on Amazon.


Babies love discovering new feels and noises, so crinkle books are the way to go as they’re also visual! So many different types as well, shapes, pop ups, stories, ones with mirrors…and they’re soft so little one won’t bonk their noggin by accident. These vary but can be very inexpensive.


I feel like some people think lovies are so cliche, but some kids really do love them! My baby isn’t at the point where he can’t live without it yet, but he loves to gnaw on it and cuddle, or even hold its hands and stare at it haha! Inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere, Amazon, Walmart, Target etc.


I love me some Itzy Ritzy…I have the mini diaper bag backpack, several teether toys and pacis. They make such cute products and the toys aren’t very expensive either! We were gifted the teething mitts. Now my baby doesn’t like to wear the mitt but he loves to hold it, crinkle it or gnaw on it.

I recently purchased their rainbow activity ring toy from Target last week and my baby loves it so much. We strap it to his car seat and it dangles slightly out of reach. I’ll take it off and let him play with it and it keeps him so preoccupied as it has teethers and crinkle parts on it. Twelve dollars!


Our little man is at the point where he can’t quite sit up on his own yet much less stand, but he gets so bored. And I know my fellow tired parents out there know how much we love our babies but how exhausting it can be when we’re the only ones our babies want. This activity center is SO nice, it’s perfect for what we wanted! He’s able to stand while playing, giving this mama a much needed break.

There are so many things he can grab or chew on too since he’s able to spin completely. It’s 3-in-1 so there’s the activity center, you can move everything to the floor without the legs when they’re able to sit on their own, or you can turn it into a table! Versatile, easy to clean and put together, and this is one of the few that is aesthetically pleasing, if that’s something you’d care about! Also one of the cheaper ones coming in at sixty eight dollars on Amazon…oh and also compact so it doesn’t take up much space. Major win for mom and baby if you ask me!

I always love hearing about other parent’s recommendations, what are yours for baby toys and teethers?

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