Nesting is such a helpful instinct and I wish I could bottle that energy up and sell it or store it for big projects post baby! 

For me I don’t know if it was because I had more kids to clean up after or what, but the NESTING urge hit me earlier and earlier with each subsequent pregnancy. Honestly, the lines would just be turning pink on my pregnancy test and I’d be staging a full-scale overhaul of our playroom. I am clearly exaggerating, but honestly here are things I’ve learned with each of my pregnancies about nesting and how to make the most of it!

1. Tackle your hospital bag first

Even if it’s just selecting the bag and slowly adding to it as you remember or think of things. Having this just started will be very helpful and will allow you to slowly add to this bag as you receive items for baby! I always recommend selecting a going home outfit for baby, a keepsake personalized blanket, and a comfy new robe for Mom! These are essentials for my hospital bag and they can all be found at CL! Here are my current favorites:

2. Take it One Room at a Time

Seriously it’s easy to get overwhelmed! When we were expecting our 2nd daughter we were also in the process of moving homes so the nesting urge was amazing when purging and packing as we moved from one house to the other! Flash forward to having our little man and baby number four and I vividly remember asking my husband if we could basically pack up and move out just to really force us to purge and deep clean! While this isn’t feasible, I did channel my nesting instincts to really purge toys, clothes, kitchen items, and other household things that we just didn’t need or use! Focus on one room at a time and if you can devote a day or two to each room you can easily tackle the trouble spots before baby arrives. Which brings me to my next tip…

3. Focus on Areas that Help you Stay Organized and are used Daily

For our family one area that is used daily and needs to be functional is our kitchen and front closet! If either of these areas become too cluttered or unorganized then it makes getting meals or getting out the door impossible. I focused on clearing the clutter in both of these and making our home feel calm for our new arrival. Also in the early days of bringing a baby home it is beyond nice to have a kitchen that is inviting and tidy.

4. Enlist Hubby’s Help

Nesting for my hubby looks different because he is the one who is typically taking my ideas and executing them. For example, if the nursery needs a fresh coat of paint then I enlist his help. If I find a new piece of furniture that just needs some TLC or assembling then I ask for him to help. I love that he is always willing to pitch in and with his help I can focus on the organizing that is just not his strong suit!

5. Decluttering Brings JOY

I alluded to this above, but if you’ve watched any of the Maria Kondo shows on Netflix then you might know that decluttering can truly bring JOY! I love when my home is cleared of clutter because I truly feel lighter and when you are bringing home a little one there is already so much JOY, but bringing them into a clean and clutter-free home can truly enhance this! I know what you’re thinking and my house is no museum, with four kids we always have stray toys, but just a simple 15-minute pick up can really help my mental state and this is true during the nesting phase and beyond!

6. Don’t Overdo It

Nesting is an amazing energy high and it can strike at 3pm in the day or 3am at night , but it’s very important to also take time to rest MAMA! Don’t overdo the nesting and always ask for help from family or friends if you feel overwhelmed or need extra hands! Remember more hands make light work and I know from experience that they are more than willing to help you!

Hopefully, when you feel the nesting urge during pregnancy or beyond (I truly still feel it during random times, like right before a snowstorm or right before a Holiday) that these tips will help you organize your urge to clean and declutter!

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