Kids are full of energy and looking for ways to let it out. Games that involve physical activity are a great way for your child to use their energy. Exercise can be fun plus an awesome way to get in some family bonding time! 

Here are a few games that will get your children moving:

1. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a simple way for kids to get in some exercise for the day. Grab a clipboard, a marker, and a list of things to find. You can create your own list of items to hunt for or I’ve found Pinterest to have plenty of free scavenger hunt lists to choose from. The cool thing about a scavenger hunt is you can do it outdoors or indoors. Even if it’s a rainy day you can search for things around your house like a spoon, book, brush, etc.

2. Freeze dance

All you need for this game is a device to play music on. Pick a song of your choice, start to play it, then all of a sudden stop the music. When you stop the music your kids have to stop dancing and freeze. Repeat that process over and over again until everyone is tired from all their dance moves! 

3. Keep the balloon up

Blow up a balloon and let the fun begin! The only rule of this game is to not let the balloon touch the ground. Kids will love running around trying to hit the balloon to keep it up in the air.

4. The floor is lava

Transform a room in your house into a “lava” filled obstacle course. Simply scatter some pillows around the floor and see who can travel across the pillows without falling off into the lava ( the floor ).

If you want to make the game even more challenging there is an actual floor is lava game you can purchase. It comes with different colored stepping stones as well as a spinner to tell you which color stepping stone to leap to without falling into the lava.

5. Follow the leader

Follow the leader is a classic childhood game. In order to make it more exercise-oriented, you can have the leader do things such as jumping jacks, marching in place, karate kicks, etc. The leader as well as the followers will be sure to have a blast while working out!

6. Dance party!

Pick out your favorite jams and turn on some party lights! A dance party is a guaranteed way for kids to have fun while exercising. To make it feel like a true dance party experience I recommend purchasing a mini disco-led light ball. Crank up the music and have the colorful party lights fill the room!

Games are an awesome option for kids to have a good time while participating in physical activity! What are some of your kids favorite ways of exercising?

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