It can be so difficult to figure out the perfect gift for Mom on Mother’s Day… I know, I’ve been there! Sometimes a card and flowers don’t do her justice, the woman deserves the world after all! And while I definitely recommend getting your Mama flowers and a sweet card, I’ve found it can be fun to combine that with a special outing. There really are so many options!

1. A budget friendly/casual idea would be a picnic.

Get creative! Most everywhere has a park nearby, so google parks near you. Just pack whatever kind of food Mom likes, it can be as easy as getting takeout or DIY it and pack some things from home. (Bonus if you have a legit picnic basket and the red checkered blanket or a personalized Caden Lane blanket *wink wink*)

 If you’re fortunate to live near any national parks or cool waterfalls and streams, take advantage of them!

2. Waterfalls bring me to the next option. Is your mom up for adventure? Find a hiking trail!

Even where I live in Texas you can find hiking trails. Are they the best ever? Not even close, but what will make them the best ever is giving your mom a memorable day.

Outings to the beach and lake are great for the adventurous family as well. Whether you combine the picnic idea at these places or just take an umbrella and some towels. (Bonus if you book a boat or jet skis! Hey just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t hang ten on some gnarly waves dude. Yes, yes I googled surfer quotes.)

3. One idea I’ve personally done for Mother’s Day was take my mom to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

My mom adores flowers, trees, birds, basically anything nature. Tickets range depending on the Arboretum you live closest to but they can be a little pricey depending on budget. My advice would be to check out the websites, sometimes you can book online and save! The gardens really are absolutely beautiful and the perfect photo opportunity to document your time together. (Bonus if you tell Mama to dress in Sunday best and give her a little photoshoot! We all know moms don’t get their picture taken enough)

4. A road trip to a fun new place can be exciting for Mom as well!

I’ve taken my mom to Waco to see the Magnolia Silos and store. So fun for a day trip! Think about what is within a few hours of you for ideas! There are hidden gems everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. Just remember most things will be very crowded on Mother’s Day so plan accordingly.

5. Taking Mama out to eat more your style? Brunch, Tea Room or even a fancy restaurant can be fun!

Google is your friend as far as reviews go if you’re trying new places. Mimosas and avocado toast? Yes PLEASE! I’ve personally never done a Tea Room but my Mother in Love and Grammy have so much fun when they go. A snazzy restaurant can also be a great way for Mama to feel glamorous. (Bonus if you make reservations in advance! This is an absolute must on Mother’s Day)

6. Is Mama crafty? Painting with a Twist or a pottery class could be so much fun! Michael’s art store also offers classes on various crafts. Check their website to get info and sign up!

There really are endless opportunities to make the first woman in your life feel loved. These are just a couple of ideas, you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to! All Mom wants is effort. Let’s give her that this Mother’s Day!

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