1. Make other mom friends

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Having the support of friends and family members is super important, but having the
support of a fellow mom around your own age is unmatchable. It is so helpful to have
someone to bounce ideas off of and even share a vent session or two! Fellowship
carries more weight than we know!

2. Avoid negative and critical people

I bet you can already think of a few people that have been critical of you and how you
raise your kids. Avoid those people. Yes, even if they are family members. No one knows
what your children need more than you do, and if you need guidance than you know
when to ask for help without needing Negative Nancy breathing down your back.

3. Make yourself a priority

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As a mom, it is easy to forget how important it is to take time for yourself. At times, it can
even feel as if there is no time left in the day for that. However, if Mom does not take
time for herself to recharge then her battery power will always be running low.
Choose one thing per day for yourself. Maybe that is a bath after the children are asleep.
Maybe that is giving yourself a facial while folding the laundry. I sometimes like
something as simple as a break by myself outside to enjoy a cup of tea and a few
moments of deep breathing. I don’t always have more than 15 minutes to do so but it
does help a lot. Time for ourselves doesn’t have to be grand. It is merely the act of
choosing ourselves and the decision to make us a priority once a day that we benefit
from the most.

4. Watch your social media activity

Social media can be a great source of information and inspiration, but there is a line
where it becomes no longer helpful but actually harmful. It is not only a distracting
time-sucker but a constant reminder of all the moments that could cause you to compare
and contrast your life to others. Pockets of time are wasted on swiping and swiping and
before you know it someone else’s grass seems greener than yours. Someone else is
traveling the world while you are at home raising children who won’t eat their dinner.
Comparing causes burnout more than anything else in this generation. When you are a
mother it’s more important than ever to focus on your own grass. Your grass is green
where you water it. Put the phone down and focus on the beautiful moments with your
little pride and joys that you will not get back.

5. Delegate to your partner

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A Supermom is not a mom who does it all herself. She is a women who understands the
power in organized delegation. Your partner is an equal parent and equal partner in
running the household. There is zero shame in asking for help. On the contrary, it is a
strength. Decide as a team who will conquer what on the household list and don’t
critique how the other decides to get the task done. If you must help guide one another
towards a better direction, do so with grace. After all, if receiving help only comes with
arguments then it is no longer helpful to either one of you nor the children.

I hope that you find these tips helpful and something to think about! Motherhood can
draining but with a little tweaking we might be able to avoid as many burnouts! You’ve
got this, Mama!

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