Summer is here, let the road trips begin! Road trips are always a fun way to travel and see so many places simultaneously. One of the best things about taking a road trip is not only being able to stop when you need to, but you can also take along more necessities than with air travel, and with babies that is so important.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when road tripping with a baby.

1. Plan stops along the way

When road tripping with your baby make sure that you have planned enough time to make frequent stops, not only to stretch your legs but also for diaper changes, feedings and time out of their car seat for your baby.

2. Have car-friendly toys and distractions

Your baby is inevitably going to get fussy and not want to be in the car any longer (trust me I’ve been there). Make sure to have distractions for them such as toys (favorites and a few new ones they’ve never seen), tablets, and even a kid’s playlist on your phone to play in the car for when they are really fussy. One toy that I’ve found that keeps my baby busy is a pop-it toy.

3. Pack all of the snacks

If your baby is old enough for snacks, make sure to have plenty. Snacks are a great distraction for them and can keep them full and occupied in between stops. Don’t forget to pack snacks for the adults too!

4. Plan part of your drive during naptime or during the night if possible

Not all babies love to sleep in their car seats but if you’re driving during nap time or during the night they are more apt to sleep since they will be tired. If it’s possible, try to acclimate them to spending time in their car seat before your trip so they will feel more comfortable during your drive.

5. Have some leniency with your plans

As parents, we know that not everything goes according to plan, so make sure to give yourself some grace with your road trip schedule. You may need to stop a few more times than planned or spend more time at one stop than you had originally planned and that’s okay! It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Road tripping with your little one is such a fun adventure and definitely worth it! Don’t forget to enjoy the journey to your final destination!

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