Arguably the hardest trimester of them all is the fourth trimester. From trying to heal your own body while taking care of another, it can definitely feel overwhelming. The best way to prepare for your postpartum journey is to have a station set up as you near the end of the third trimester so you can have the smoothest healing process possible. Here are my top 5 postpartum station must-haves.

1. Angled Peri Bottle

This might just be my favorite postpartum product of all (and something I have used even beyond my postpartum healing). Basically, a peri bottle is a bottle you fill with warm water and spray yourself with after using the restroom to clean yourself and prevent burning. It leaves you feeling so clean and freshened up! The FridaMom Peri Bottle is an absolute game changer and something I recommend for all new moms!

2. Stool Softeners

It may sound weird, but stool softeners are a MUST after you give birth! And they are something no one talks about! Immediately following birth, your digestive system and bowels will be working to regulate themselves, but you won’t be healed enough to return to normal BM’s just yet. Just trust me on this one and pick up some stool softeners before you give birth!

3. Pads

Pads are another must for your postpartum journey. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of pads or aren’t used to wearing them, it is better than having to clean your clothes, sheets, and furniture constantly. There are so many brands and types of pads out there, so choose what works best for you! I also highly recommend picking up some dermoplast and/or cooling pads to help ease discomfort and reduce swelling.

4. Disposable Period Underwear

The last thing you want to try to do after giving birth is try to fit in your regular, tight underwear. Period underwear can be another barrier for leakage and they are also super comfortable! They are much easier to put pads into and you don’t have to worry about ruining them since they are disposable. My personal preference is the FridaMom Disposable Postpartum Underwear.

5. Comfy PJs

After I gave birth, I LIVED in my PJs. Comfy PJs are perfect for lounging around the house, and they are especially helpful if you are breastfeeding. My favorite place to get PJs from is Amazon, and they have no shortage of options! I recommend getting the short sleeve and shorts set because postpartum night sweats are no joke! Investing in some comfortable and practical PJs will be a gamechanger for you once you give birth.

I hope this list helps you get as prepared as possible for the fourth trimester! Wishing all you expecting mamas out there the best of luck with your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum journey!

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