The warm weather is finally here, its time to start enjoying some outdoor activities with your kids! If your toddlers are anything like mine, they THRIVE outside. So I try to find as many things as possible to occupy our time outdoors. Today I have 5 of our go to fun outdoor activities that your little ones are going to love too!

Water Play

This could be so many different things so I’ll share our favorite ways to incorporate water play into our daily outside time. Water is one of my favorite ways to spend time outside because it is not only perfect for cooling off its also a great sensory experience.

Playing With The Hose

Either grab a sprinkler or just your standard attachment, let your kids spray the yard, spray themselves, run through it, whatever they decide. You will be amazed how something so simple can entertain them.

Water Table

I can’t recommend a water table enough to all parents. Your children can be so creative with how they enjoy it and you can add things to it like dinos, boats, or really whatever they are into. You can also find some that have a sand table on one side for added fun.

Splash Pad / Mini Pool

This one is a bonus for you too mama, a nice place to sit and cool off when its way too hot out. You can find so many different options for splash pads or mini pools and most are very reasonably priced. You can add a slide or extra toys just like the water table for some extra fun while keeping everyone cool.


Chalk is such a classic for kids and can be used to not only boost their creativity and fine motor skills while drawing and writing but also for learning activities. Here are some of my favorite ways to use chalk with my son that will also help him learn.

Free Drawing

Obviously letting them be as creative as possible is great for them but you can also add some learning moments in. Ask them to show you a specific color, or work on drawing straight lines. You could set up a dot to dot game for them and have them follow along. The options are endless as long as you are both having fun.


Draw a standard game of hopscotch on your driveway or side walk and either add your numbers or switch it up with the letters they are currently learning. Call out letters or numbers and have them hop to them or see if they can identify each when them step on them.

Spray the Letter / Number

Working on building strength in their hands early is extremely beneficial for writing skills later on. Grab any kind of spray bottle you have at home and add some letters and numbers to your driveway or sidewalk. Have your child spray the one you have called out to work on identifying each while building the hand strength.

Outdoor Sensory

Take whatever sensory activity you would typically do inside and just bring it outside with you. You could save the extra messy ones for the nice days to save yourself the hassle of all the clean up or get creative with special ones just for outside. I can share another article with some outdoor sensory play ideas soon.


Bubbles can be as simple as just a cheap bottle with the standard wand or you can go more into it if your toddler loves them. They have so many options, like a bubble machine so they can run in them, a bubble gun for constant bubbles, or even the bubble mower. That one is a great option for the new walkers who still need something to push but my 2 year old loves it too.

Nature Hunts / Walks

This one you can get really creative with or you can keep it simple. If you want to keep a simple route, go through your yard, a park or a local walking path and look for sticks, rocks, leaves, whatever catching their eye. A good creative option would be to print out A scavenger hunt, have them look for specific things and you guys can talk about each item as a learning lesson too.

I hope you found some new ideas for your outdoor activities this spring and summer, don’t forget to let us know down below what your favorite activity idea is and what you will be trying out with your kids.

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