With baby coming soon and ways to celebrate limited, it may be hard to come up with things to do with the soon-to-be dad in your life on Father’s Day. Here are 5 ideas that will help you celebrate dad while also getting the rest and relaxation you both will need in the months to come!

1. Make him breakfast in bed

With the days of sleeping in and breakfast in bed likely coming to an end very soon, this Father’s Day is a great opportunity to make dad his favorite breakfast meal. Better yet, let him sleep in as long as he wants to and have breakfast or brunch ready for him as soon as he wakes. It may seem like a simple gesture, but sometimes sleeping in and breakfast in bed is the perfect way to start your day!

2. Pamper him

Chances are, dad has been pampering you your entire pregnancy, and now it’s his turn to be pampered! Treat him to a massage, at-home spa, or anything else you think will help him relax. Don’t forget – men enjoy being pampered too!

3. Get outside

Whatever your man likes to do outside, let him do his thing on Father’s Day. This could be anything from grilling his favorite food, to outdoor games, to hanging out by the pool. This can also be a great opportunity for you both to get some Vitamin D before the baby makes their long-awaited arrival!

4. Take a virtual cooking class

If dad loves to cook, a virtual cooking class may be right up his alley! And it might also be a huge benefit to you once baby does come. This could be something fun for you both to do together, and hopefully you learn how to make some tasty new meals in the process.

5. Have a relaxing game or movie night

Something that might be good for you both is a relaxing night in on Father’s Day. Rent dad’s favorite movie or buy a brand new one that you both have never seen before. And don’t forget the popcorn and his favorite snacks! You can also opt for playing some board games or online games if that is what dad wants to do instead. Either way, spend the evening doing something that will make him feel the most relaxed.

No matter how you treat the soon-to-be dad in your life this Father’s Day, make sure he feels loved and appreciated for all he has done to support and love you throughout the pregnancy so far. Make the day all about him and do things that he enjoys most. Keep it fun but also relaxed, as you both will be needing to rest and relax as much as possible in preparation of your upcoming bundle of joy!

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