As moms, we spend the holidays working hard to make new traditions or continue with some favorites – but all in all, the main goal is always to see our little ones smile, no matter how we get there. When it comes to Easter, one of the more popular traditions is to color Easter eggs. 

You might be able to fondly remember sitting around your grandparents dining room table, floral tablecloth and all, carefully balancing an egg on that flimsy metal egg holder. You gently dip the egg into a potent mixture of vinegar and magical color tablets, and then you just wait. After checking on the egg a few times, until it is the perfect shade of purple, you slowly transfer it to the cardboard box to dry. I am sure you remember it well, as it was one of the only ways to dye eggs.

While that classic way of dying eggs works, and is still a popular choice every Easter season, you might choose to take it up a notch! Below are 5 creative ways to dye Easter eggs (no metal egg holders required) that you might want to try this year.

Paper Towel Tie Dye

These beautifully tie dyed Easter eggs are sure to impress any bunny this year! Your little ones can be as creative as they want, mixing a variety of colors on the paper towel. If you are looking to add an educational spin to your Easter tradition – talk about what colors appear when two colors mix together. Also, definitely wear some latex gloves for this one, to avoid tie dye hands as well.

Cool Whip Easter Eggs

How fun is this! This method of dying Easter eggs creates a marbled effect, which will look absolutely beautiful if you opt to display your hard work. As with most childhood memories or experiences…the messier, the better! So again, wear gloves to keep little hands as clean as possible, but also allow some exploration of textures and mixing of colors while creating these fun Easter eggs.

Colored Rice Dyed Eggs

If you are looking for a virtually mess-free way to color Easter eggs, this is it! The coloring of rice can be done in a large Ziploc bag, so little hands stay completely clean. The sensory experience of (gently) tossing the egg around inside the bag is one your children will surely enjoy. This is a great way to get those littlest hands involved in the Easter egg dying tradition!

Fizzy Eggs (Science Experiment)

If your little one loves to learn and observe all that happens in the world around them, these fizzy eggs are sure to be a hit! This method might be a better option for older children, as it is a hands-on experience, which can result in quite the mess to clean up.

Coffee Filter & Markers

With only a few supplies needed, this method of dying Easter Eggs is one of the better options for a younger child (or for a Mama who is looking for minimal mess!). Allow your child to decorate the coffee filters with markers, wrap the egg in the filter and “paint” with a water/vinegar mixture. Another beautiful end product for your Easter display!

There is something nostalgic about those Easter egg dye kits  that you can buy for around $2 in stores. They work wonderfully and are a great way to make memories together and get some beautiful eggs in the end. However, there are even more creative alternatives to achieving the same end goal! Consider trying something new this year! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

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