One of the most anticipated parts of pregnancy is the big reveal; the part where you tell your family and loved ones that you are pregnant. Whether you have secret Pinterest boards full of ideas long before, or if you figure it out on the spot, it’s so much fun to plan the perfect surprise! Here are some fun ways to announce that you are expecting a little one.

1. Use a coming holiday

No matter when you plan to announce your pregnancy, it is bound to be close to a fun holiday. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or even a more obscure day like National Donut Day, using the theme of the holiday is such a fun excuse for a gift or surprise that can reveal your news! 

Check out websites like for a list of obscure holidays that might give you some inspiration and make your reveal more fun.

2. Include your pet or older child

If you have an older child, letting them announce to friends and family that they are getting a sibling is sure to be core memory material. Imagine your little one running up to Grandma and Grandpa with a sonogram and saying, “There is a baby in mommy’s tummy!” So simple and so precious. 

You could choose a more subtle route and dress your child in a shirt announcing their status change from only child to big sibling and wait to see who notices. This also makes for a great photo to announce on social media when you are ready. 

3. Include a small keep-sake

Using a small gift to announce your pregnancy does not have to be limited to Christmas announcements. Any day is a good excuse for a small gift that could share your news. A bottle of wine with a fun custom label, a small frame holding a sonogram photo that can be replaced with a photo of the baby, a piece of jewelry with the recipient’s new title, or an ornament featuring your new family member are some sweet gifts that will be cherished for years and keep the excitement alive.


4. Set up a group “photo” but make it a video

Imagine your family is all present and someone asks for a nice group photo to commemorate the moment. When you set up your phone or camera, use the video setting instead of a timer but don’t let anyone else know. Act like you are staging a photo but instead of cheese tell everyone, on the count of three to say, “{Beka} is pregnant!” The video will capture the most pure reactions of joy and love. Later you can screenshot the video for still photos to frame and share.

While twelve weeks used to be the “safe zone” for announcing pregnancy, there really is not a right or wrong time to share that you are expecting a little one. When the time feels right to you, tell whomever you would like to. That little life deserves to be celebrated no matter how early it is.

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