I’m going to say it….one day your purchasing their monogrammed blanket from Caden Lane for their first photo and the next you’re sending them off to Kindergarten! Seriously it goes by in a blink!! Here are some things as a veteran Mom I’ve found work to make the transition to Kindergarten smoother for both kids and their parents:

1. Start reading books and talking about Kindergarten!

When you read and look at pictures about Kindergarten with your little one the conversations will really begin to flow. Here are a few favorite books that will inspire conversation about what to expect during this new adventure:

The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing
Countdown to Kindergarten by Allison McGhee
Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come by Nancy Carlson

Questions you can ask your rising Kindergartener after reading these books: 

What is one thing you are most excited to learn?

How can you be a friend to others?

What activity are you most looking forward to? Recess? Gym? Art? Music? Media?

2. Do a special trip or date with your rising Kindergartener!

The key here is quality time! Filling your rising Kindergartener’s cup before they head off to school is so important and trust me it will fill yours too! With my oldest daughter we enjoyed a quick weekend trip to the beach to soak up some salty air and solo time before she started this new chapter. She still talks about how much fun she had with her smoothie by the pool! I love that these are memories she and I will have forever. Fast forward to this year with another rising Kindergartener and she’s requested a trip to the Zoo, which fits her love of animals perfectly. 

3. Shop for special back to school items together!

Of course there will be a full list of supplies needed from folders to crayons, but it might be nice to pick out a special back to school dress and/or even a personalized water bottle to keep them hydrated! My girls would absolutely love this cute Mermaid one:

And there are so many more cute designs to choose from!

Discussing how they will utilize each school supply will bring out fun questions from them too. Helping my Kindergartener pick out her first day of school outfits is always fun because I truly believe when you wear something that makes you look good you will feel good too!

4. Work on your night and morning routine!

This one is hard for our family because our schedules and routines get more lax in the summer, but the week leading up to Kindergarten it’s important to start practicing the morning and night routine. Parent’s, practice making lunches so you can see what your kiddos eat and don’t eat, allowing you time to adjust. Start having kids pick out clothes the night before if this is something that causes delays in your mornings. Finally, be sure to allow time for extra snuggles at night because your Mommy heart will need this in those first few days before and once Kindergarten begins.

Parents of rising Kindergarteners I’m cheering you on and I hope these few tips will help you and your rising Kindergarten transition smoothly. Keep in mind you are both growing together and each day will just get better and better!

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