The first picture you share of your baby is a big deal, and if you are anything like me you want baby’s first picture to be perfect. Check out some of the latest first photo trends for some inspiration for your babe’s big debut!

1. Stat sign

 Available here! 

One of my all-time favorite trends is to use a stat sign to announce that baby has arrived! There are so many different options to choose from. You can choose to personalize with  just your baby’s name, if you know it in advance- or choose an option with spaces to write in the baby’s height, weight, and time of birth if you want to share more details.

2. In a baby lounger

Swaddle available here! 

Put your baby lounger to use right away as the perfect spot to prop baby for their first photo shoot.

3. Personalized swaddle

Swaddle available here!

If you know baby’s name in advance, a personalized swaddle makes the perfect backdrop to show off your cute new companion!

4. Make it a family affair!

Another trend I love is including the whole family in baby’s first photo. Grab other siblings or family pets for a picture that debuts your new crew!

For tips on how to nail your baby’s first photo, click here!

What other first photo trends are you loving?

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