Many moms at some point decide that they want to have their baby follow some form of a schedule. Some moms prefer more of a baby-led schedule, while others like a parent-led schedule. Regardless of how flexible or structured you want your baby’s daily schedule to be, there are a few things that will make introducing your baby to a schedule easier.

1. Wait until your baby is at least two months old

Around two months old is when your baby will start to develop a natural rhythm that they follow. Before two months your baby’s behaviors will most likely be unpredictable.

2. Try to follow your baby’s natural pattern as much as possible

Basing your schedule around your baby’s natural pattern will help make the transition smoother instead of fighting against it.

3. Make adjustments/be flexible

The schedule you create for your baby is going to need some adjustments over time. Growth spurts, sleep regressions, achieving milestones, etc., can all be reasons that may lead to adjustments being needed.

4. Keep routines consistent

Consistency is key to establishing a successful schedule for your little one. There are going to be things that come up in your daily life that won’t allow you to stick to the schedule but try your best to stick to your baby’s schedule as much as possible. 

Remember every baby is different and you know your baby the best, so create a schedule that works for your little one and your lifestyle!

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