Summer is here, and so is HOT weather! Where I live, it’s way too hot to be outside, unfortunately, unless we have a rare random breezy day or I was to wake up at 4am (never gonna happen, haha!).

But on those rare nice days it’s so nice to be able to go for a walk at the park or in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, my baby is so hot natured that even on a semi-nice day he gets hot in the stroller. Luckily there’s some products to help us Mamas out!

1. Stroller Fan

I can’t say enough good things about stroller fans. I purchased mine from Amazon for around $30 for use in the hospital during delivery. Little did I know I would use it much more for my baby than for me! It’s so convenient and can be bent any way to wrap around what you need to stay put.

Obviously there are several options out there as far as fans go but I love this one, it works so well for us. I also like that it’s rechargeable and comes with a cord, so no need to worry about replacing batteries all the time. There are three speed settings and also three light settings on this particular one.

2. Stroller Sun Shade Cover

Ok, this is cool. I don’t have one but I definitely will soon. This is a mesh protector that covers your baby completely by being attached to your stroller, car seats or bassinet strollers. There are 3 different sizes to be able to fit your needs.

Since it’s mesh, your baby can still see out while being protected from UV rays (SPF 30+) and other harsh elements. Also it’s breathable with good airflow, unlike when using a blanket to cover baby up. With plenty of good reviews on Amazon, I think this is a winner!

3. Mesh Stroller Liner Pad

This is an insert for baby’s seat that allows for airflow under baby. There are several different options as far as this goes, but some claim to be safe while driving as well. Use your discretion and do your own research with this. Starting out I probably would just use it for stroller rides until I purchased one and could see how it fits with baby in the car seat. But I love the idea of keeping baby cooler all the time!

4. Microfiber Cooling Towel

These aren’t meant for stroller use, but I think it would work so well to be able to keep on hand to cool baby down or even lay in the seat prior to baby using it! Per the instructions you only need some water (which you will have anyways on a walk on a hot day!). Soak the towel, wring it out, shake it a couple of times and voila! It’s magically cool. What is this sorcery? Give me 10.

A couple other ideas would be a lightweight bamboo swaddle to keep on hand. If you need to cover baby with something, this is a good option as it’s breathable and small enough to carry in the diaper bag or stroller. (As a side-note, it is recommended to use the attached visor that comes with the stroller in place of any blanket, as airflow with the visor is better than any blanket. But if you must the swaddle is a good idea!)

I’ve also seen parents placing ice packs in car seats to cool down prior to use and removing when it’s time to go. If you’re like us, we always have formula and ice packs on the go when out and about, so this is very doable!

What are your favorite summer stroller finds?

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