As Memorial Day approaches you may be thinking about how you will mark the holiday this year, like with a BBQ or a visit to a local parade. One thing to take into consideration is how to teach your little ones about the holiday in a way that makes sense to them.

Your kids might learn about Memorial Day at school, but it’s always fun to bring those lessons home, especially for those little ones who haven’t started school yet!

Here are 3 ways that you can teach your little one about Memorial Day:

1. Teach them the history of Memorial Day

Now we get it, some little ones aren’t going to understand. That’s okay! Talking about the history and combining it with another age-appropriate activity will help put the pieces together. If you have any family members that have served in the military, invite your kids to call that family member to hear stories first hand! Engaging story telling is a great way to really get a lesson to stick!

2. Do a patriotic arts and crafts project together

Arts and crafts are always a fun way for kids to learn! You can color a patriotic printout or create a macaroni flag or paper wreath for decoration. Get creative and use things around your house, like old pipe cleaners to make star headbands, or even create some art outside with sidewalk chalk if the weather is nice!

3. Visit a veterans cemetery 

If you have a veterans cemetery or a war memorial within driving distance, take a trip to pay your respects. You can bring flowers or American flags for the kids to place on the graves if you would like. Just take a moment to reflect and learn about those specific veterans or the significance of that war memorial.

Memorial Day is about the remembrance of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Some of our little ones may not understand what the day is about just yet, but doing something special will help them see that Memorial Day isn’t just another Monday, it’s a reminder to appreciate what you have!

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