Before becoming pregnant I assumed that all my pregnancies would be pretty similar to each other…That turned out to be untrue in several ways. Maybe your first pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will miss out on experiencing an easier pregnancy in the future. I had my third child recently and it made me reflect on how my pregnancies have differed from each other. 

Morning Sickness 

Out of my three pregnancies, I lucked out on only having morning sickness during my one.  During my third pregnancy, my morning sickness lasted well into my second trimester. I was dealing with morning sickness throughout the entire day. On the other hand, my first and second pregnancies  were pretty much a breeze when it came to morning sickness. 

Bump shape/size 

I assumed that I would look the same each pregnancy. I was surprised when the shape and size of my pregnancy bump differed from each other. One pregnancy my belly was higher and other ones lower. Also my bump size increased each pregnancy. 


My cravings ranged from sweets one pregnancy to everything spicy the next. Every pregnancy had its own unique cravings. Even food I didn’t care for during one of my pregnancies I would end up loving during a different pregnancy. 

After experiencing three pregnancies, I’ve realized that your pregnancies can be completely different from each other. You may experience a pregnancy symptom one pregnancy and never experience in future pregnancies. What are some of the ways your pregnancies have differed from each other?

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