Moms; can’t live without them… Literally. Moms hold an abundance of wisdom, and they only get wiser when grandkids are introduced, so here’s a quick list of 3 things my mom taught me as both a mother and a grandmother.

1. “It won’t be like this for long.”

This is always easier as advice given than taken, because when we’re in that moment of uncomfortable pregnancy, potty training, or sleepless nights it feels like it will never end. But listen to grandma who knows all too well how fast time flies, and try to remember that each phase of pregnancy and parenthood does go by fast, so soak it all up and cherish those sweet baby kicks and those snuggly toddler hugs! 

2. Hugs

Along those lines, my mom has taught me how important a good hug can be. A simple embrace with a crying toddler can calm them down and make that stubbed toe disappear. It can also help with the stress of life and parenthood. They say it’s good for the soul to hug someone 10 times a day! Go ahead and give those babies, friends and family all the hugs!

3. Love

Finally, a little story you may have heard before but teaches a good life lesson. A child walks along a beach that is full of starfish and he throws them back one by one. A man sees him and asks, “why are you wasting your time? You will never save them all!” The boy replies as he tosses one in the ocean, “but it matters to this one.” As moms we often feel like we need to save the world, but sometimes just saving the day with a popsicle for a bump on the head or sharing a coffee with a friend is all that’s needed. To remember that we can make a difference to one person is really all that’s asked of us- and the most important are those who call us Mom.

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