When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I dove head first into researching and googling everything I could about pregnancy and beyond. I started getting a list together of things I would need starting from early on in the pregnancy up to giving birth. One of the main things I had at the top of my list… Maternity clothes!

New wardrobe? Heck yes!

I didn’t know much about anything when it came to prepping for motherhood back then so I was happy to lean into something I was familiar with while feeling like I was navigating the unknown.

I wanted to find creative ways to be able to buy clothes that would last. My budget wasn’t going to work with buying new clothes with every month that passed so finding staple pieces that would last through having my daughter as well was my goal. Where did I start my hunt for good maternity clothes?

Thrift stores!

Every piece of clothing I wore throughout my pregnancy that was considered maternity came from a local thrift store. Here are some things that I specifically started looking for that really helped save money and stayed in my wardrobe even after birth:

1. Shawls

There are so many ways you can dress them up or down and I found a few cute ones I wore over some basic tanks and tee shirts. The nice part about them is that they are meant to be oversized and you can wear them for years to come.

2. Two piece outfits 

I know these aren’t as common to find but you do see them in thrift stores often, and most of the time the waistband has elastic which gives plenty of space for that growing bump! The one I’m wearing in the picture above I was able to wear up until I had my little one; and I can still wear it now because it is so versatile!

3. Tee shirt dresses 

Anything that was flowy and comfortable and kept me from getting too hot was automatically my pick. I had a handful of these types of dresses that stayed stretchy, cool, and made it easy to get dressed each day. They weren’t technically ‘maternity’ dresses but when you think about it, any kind of clothing you wear during pregnancy can be considered maternity!

On top of your local thrift stores you can even dive into those online thrift stores and find some really cute maternity clothes if you are looking for anything more specific in style and color. I found quite a few t-shirt dresses that were similar to what I wore. I still have most of what was my maternity wardrobe because I wanted to be able to use as much as I could after baby was born!

 This dress is totally something I would’ve picked up from Poshmark!

Do you have a favorite thrifty place to shop for maternity clothes?

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