The Thanksgiving holiday is centered around family – the laughs, the memories, and the time together. A close second though, behind family time, is the food – the snacks, the treats, and the dessert. Combine the two and you are creating wonderful memories for your children, allowing them to be creative, and adding some fun treats to your Thanksgiving table! Here is a list of 10 EASY Thanksgiving treats you can make with your little ones this year. Even the littlest of littles can participate –  no heavy machinery or intense cooking required!

1. Harvest Puppy Chow

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of turkeys, and the reds, oranges, yellows, the fall harvest vibe if you will. However…so does everyone else. This puppy chow breaks up all the turkey inspired treats, but is still so delicious people will be coming back for seconds. I love recipes like this, that provide an outline but really allow you to be creative and make this recipe your own. Add or remove ingredients depending on what your crowd enjoys. This is also the perfect recipe to make with anyone (really, anyone!) because not much cooking is involved, it’s more just gathering the ingredients.

2. Chocolate Covered Pretzels in a Turkey Jar

What’s Thanksgiving without some turkey inspired deliciousness?! These easy chocolate covered pretzels are sure to be a fan favorite, and again, perfect for all ages. Dip pretzel rods into chocolate, decorate with fall colored sprinkles, and the “cooking” that is required here is complete. I’ve seen glass jars like this at the dollar store, add the elements to create a face, fill the jar with whatever you’d like (candy, brown napkins, nothing at all) and voila the perfect grab and go Thanksgiving treat!

3. Acorn Doughnut Holes

Thanksgiving weather is very dependent on where you live, for me, Thanksgiving is all about the chilly days, the leaves changing colors, and acorns falling. So, why not bring some of the outdoors…indoors?! These adorable acorn doughnut holes would be the perfect accent to your dessert table. Easy to make and even easier to eat, these bite sized treats are sure to be a hit.

4. Turkey Doughnuts

Here me out, while these would look so cute next to the pumpkin pie on the dessert table…. I’m thinking…Thanksgiving morning breakfast. This hands-on-activity-turned-treat will keep your little ones occupied while you start prepping the turkey. Once they finish their own turkey, add some fruit and breakfast is served! Make this a learning opportunity and have your little one sort the feathers by color, or let them get creative with it. There is no expectation on how this turkey doughnut needs to look in the end, it’s all about the memories that were made in the process.

5. Fruit Cornucopia

Another recipe that is easy to customize, making it perfect for a Thanksgiving crowd! Create a fruit salad, including all of your family’s favorite fruits, (say that 5 times fast!). This is perfect for little hands, because transferring fruit from the bowl to the “cornucopia” should – emphasis on should – be mess-free. Pair this with the turkey donuts above, and you have a festive Thanksgiving breakfast!

6. Cornucopia Snacks

This cornucopia is another cute option to get those little hands involved, and it truly is Thanksgiving inspired but kid approved. You can use whatever cereal you’d like, only use certain colors, or maybe you feel inspired and will use something different all together. The best recipes are the ones that don’t need to be followed exactly, and this here allows those creative juices to flow!

7. Turkey Rice Krispie Treats

Another recipe that has no expectations attached, so you can feel inspired, but let your littles get creative! Find toppings or candy that works for you, and let your little ones make their own turkey treats. I also have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love homemade rice krispie treats, so this is sure to be a fan favorite all around! These treats would also pack well in a lunchbox or to bring on the go – a cute snack for any upcoming road trips this holiday season. 

8. Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

Again, homemade rice krispie treats, you just can’t go wrong. Think about how cute these pumpkins would look as an accent to your dessert table, and it would also help break up all of the turkey-inspired treats you may already have, while still being festive. Get the littles involved, have them help mix the ingredients, roll the balls, or put the toppings on, so many opportunities for family memories to be made!

9. Candy Corn Jello

While still easy, I will say this is the most time consuming recipe on this list, because the layers of Jello each take time to set. However, the outcome is worth it, for these beautiful and delicious treats! If you aren’t into the candy corn colors, you can always make this treat using other Thanksgiving colors that fit your aesthetic. Easy to mix and prepare, you can get the whole family involved in this recipe. While you are waiting for the Jello to set, feel free to make another tasty treat on the list! 

10. Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Rounding out the list, we have the ultimate create-your-own Thanksgiving treat. Think Christmas cookies meets Thanksgiving day. Gather some small candy, frosting, sprinkles etc. bake your sugar cookies, and start decorating! Maybe your little one will make their own turkey, or they might feel inspired to just decorate the cookies to their liking. This really is a recipe perfect for kids (and adults!) of all ages!

While these cute Thanksgiving treats are absolutely not necessary, they do create an easy and fun way to spend time together this season. Whatever you decide to make, and however you choose to do it, soak up those little smiles, cherish the little hands all up in your cooking, and embrace the mess that is bound to happen! Your little ones are only so little, for so long. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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