Let’s face it – there are hundreds of baby products out there and it can feel VERY overwhelming trying to decide what you need most for your new bundle of joy on the way! Here is our list of must-have products you need with a newborn, from a mom that has just come out on the other side of the newborn phase!

Sound Machine

Trust me, the more quiet you try to be when your little one has finally gone down for a nap, the noisier you’ll be! Sound machines are the best way to drown out the noises of your home so that any little chair scrape or door creak won’t wake them. Our absolute favorite sound machine is the Hatch Sound Machine. We love that is has a nightlight feature as well as many different sound options to choose from!


Sometimes you just need to give your arms a break and put baby down. We’ve ALL been there! Investing in a good swing will allow them some independence and allow you to have a few free moments to get some things done as well.


Babies are used to being curled up in your belly, so introducing a new way of sleeping can be challenging for the first few weeks of life. Using a swaddle (and later a sleep sack) is a great way to make the transition easier for your baby and can help them sleep SO much better, too.

There are so many different variations of swaddles, and each baby is different. It may take some trial and error, but you will find the sleeping solution that works just right for your little one!

Baby Carrier

Another newborn product to invest in is a good baby carrier. Baby carriers are such a great way to be hands-free while you do things around the house or as you’re out and about! There are so many options out there, but in my experience having one that allows them to be rear facing as a newborn and front facing as they get older is a great, versatile option. There are also different material weights, so make sure you choose one that fits best with your climate!

Footed PJ’s

No matter your climate, babies temperatures are not the same as ours. Because of this, they will likely need to wear an extra layer, even in your home. Footies are great for keeping their hands and feet warm, and are comfortable for them as well!

Our absolute favorite footed PJ’s are our Caden Lane bamboo PJ’s. They are literally the softest material and I know my baby loves them as much as I do!

Stroller/Car Seat Combo

The stroller and car seat options out there are ENDLESS, and it can be very overwhelming to choose one. My recommendation is to choose a stroller/car seat combo that fits within your budget AND has plenty of good reviews. Stroller/car seat combos are great because you can just pop your car seat out and put it directly into the stroller. It has come in handy SO many times for us already!

Nose sucker

This may seem like a silly must-have product, but you would be surprised how pesky those little boogies can be! Nose suckers sometimes get a bad rap, but are undoubtedly the best way to keep your little one’s nose clean and clear. Our favorite by far is the fridababy NoseFrida!


Although controversial, most parents end up giving their babies pacifiers at some point or another. Pacifiers can be a great way to soothe your baby throughout the day and at night. Not all babies like the same types of pacifiers, however, so be prepared to try different brands and styles to find one that they like best!

Changing pad

Just a fair warning, there WILL be messes. And lots of them! Changing pads are great for having a designated spot for all changing activities. Having a changing pad that can easily be wiped down and sanitized is so handy and makes the world of difference, especially in the newborn stage!


Babies want to feel close to their parents when they sleep, and a bassinet is a great way for them to practice sleeping on their own while still being close to you. Smaller than a full-sized crib, bassinets are such a great way to help ease your baby into sleeping on their own while still feeling that enclosed feeling they felt in the womb. We have had great success with the Halo Bassinet and highly recommend it for all parents with newborns!

As you’ve probably come to realize, there are SO many baby products on the market. Hopefully this list gives you some guidance on some must-have products you should invest in before your little one makes their arrival!

If you’re a returning mom, what are your must-have products for surviving the newborn phase?

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