Is it pregnancy or is it mother nature knocking?? Some symptoms of a woman’s period and early symptoms of pregnancy overlap, making it hard to differentiate between the two. Here is a compiled list of some early symptoms you may experience in pregnancy: 

1. Bloating

Sure, maybe you ate one too many Tacos at dinner, but you might also be feeling bloated because your body is in the early stages of growing a baby! Often this symptom is not an immediate giveaway to pregnancy, as many women experience that bloated feeling before their period, but it is however a common early sign of pregnancy. 

2. Congestion

Congestion and mild cold symptoms are something I experienced early in my pregnancy, and apparently so have many other women. The science behind it has to do with hormone levels and increasing blood production, so believe it or not having a stuffy nose could be an early sign that you’re pregnant.

3. Food aversions

Before the full swing of pregnancy cravings and aversions kick in, you may notice some smaller scale food aversions popping up. You may love sweet treats, but now the idea of a birthday cake just doesn’t do it for you. Down the line these aversions might pick up, and more foods or odors might start to turn you off, but in the beginning these aversions are just starting.

4. Nausea/vomiting

‘Morning Sickness’ is universally known as a telltale sign of pregnancy. I don’t know why it’s called morning sickness though, because the nausea & vomiting can hit at any time of day. I remember feeling it most at night, as I was starting to wind down and relax. Find the things that give you some relief, maybe goldfish, saltines, chewing gum, extra water, whatever it may be, you’ll be relying on it for a few weeks. 

5. Increased urination

Most early pregnancy symptoms can be explained from the ever changing hormone levels, and you needing to run to the bathroom all day is no exception. This feeling seems to always happen when you are snuggled into bed at night, warm and cozy under the blankets. No matter how frustrating it may be at the time, your body is doing amazing things, and the frequent urination is just another reminder. 

6. Fatigue

Growing a baby is hard work! Your body and mind will be tired, your busy days at work or home, just got so much busier because of all that is happening on the inside. If you’re able to, take a nap, rest…relax…rejuvenate. You deserve it and your body needs it. A good reminder of that classic saying, ‘sleep now because you won’t sleep when the baby gets here,’ aka do what your body needs and don’t feel guilty about it. 

7. Tender breasts

This was an early symptom that caught me off guard for sure. When it would hurt to get dressed in the morning, or roll over in bed, I knew something was going on because this is not a symptom I ever experienced with my period. Again, we can thank our rising hormone levels for this one! You know your body best, so if you notice changes to your breasts, this may be a sign that you’re pregnant. 

8. Tooth pain

I don’t know how common of a symptom this is, but it is something I experienced and know at least a few others have as well. My teeth became so sensitive and hurt to the touch a few days before my positive pregnancy test. This symptom didn’t last long, but because I know others have also experienced this, it is worthy of its own spot on the list. 

9. Spotting

This spotting may sometimes be mistaken for the start of your period. It is common for a woman to experience what is called implantation bleeding which is the start of  pregnancy, when implantation actually happens. Mild spotting is considered normal, but always consult your doctor if you have any concerns about what you are experiencing. 

10. Missed period

This list of early pregnancy signs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a missed period. The unmistakable way our bodies clue us in to these exciting changes. Some women first notice a missed period, and then other symptoms begin to appear. Some women notice a slew of early pregnancy symptoms, but need to wait and see if their period arrives. Either way, this sign may be the most important in determining if it’s time for you to take a test or not. 

The beauty of pregnancy is that it affects everyone so differently. You may experience all, some or none of the aforementioned signs & symptoms. No matter what symptoms you are beginning to experience – you know your body best. If something feels incredibly off, or you’re in excruciating pain, or experiencing heavy bleeding, always consult your doctor. If you find yourself nodding along to a few of these symptoms, it may just be time for you to take a test. Good luck, Mama and sending all the baby dust your way!

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