Every time we go grocery shopping I’m shocked at how expensive food has become. With the price of groceries sky-high, trying to feed Baby G has become stressful as she tends to waste a lot of food. I’ve been trying a few strategies to reduce the amount of food our home to keep our grocery bill under control.

  1. Keep portions small. I had a bad habit of loading Baby G’s plate up as if she were an adult, now I put 3-4 bites of each food on her plate and refill it when she asks for more.
  1. Keep everyone’s meals the same. Instead of cooking separate meals for kids, keep everyone’s meals the same even if plates look different. This weekend the adults enjoyed a potato and sausage soup. Baby G’s plate had some veggie chunks and meat strained from the broth, and a pile of cheese on the side.
  2. Opt for frozen produce over fresh. Frozen produce is cheaper and lasts longer. Frozen produce is also just as healthy as fresh.
  3. Embrace leftovers. Use dinner leftovers for easy lunches during the week to stretch your grocery budget further.
  1. Cut it in half. If it’s possible to split it in half, I will always do it. Whether it is a frozen yogurt tube, a granola bar or even a cookie I try to split items in half for Baby G knowing that she won’t usually eat a full serving anyways. She will ask for more if she wants it.
  2. Save what they don’t eat. I save just about anything she doesn’t eat. If there is a single chicken fry and two stems of broccoli left on her plate I’ll toss it in the fridge for if she wants to snack later. Every bite you can save will help save money!

If you try any of these, or have other ways to reduce food waste, drop it in the comments!

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