As a new mom and with the holidays approaching I’ve been doing some serious thinking about what I want the holidays to be like in our family going forward. When it comes to Christmas and gift giving, I have always struggled with the consumer culture that has seemingly taken over the holiday season. When I learned about the five gift Christmas rule, it seemed like such a good solution and something I’ll be trying to implement in our family.

What is the Five Gift Christmas?

The Five Gift solution is pretty simple and follows these general guidelines: want, need, wear, read and be.

  1. Want: Something your child wants and where most larger gifts would fall. Think toys, electronics, craft kits, etc.
  2. Need: This gift provides an opportunity to provide your child with something they need- maybe a backpack for school, new shoes or new bedding.
  3. Wear: This one is simple, find your child something they’d love to wear!
  4. Read: Develop your child’s love of learning with a new book, magazine subscription or cookbook.
  5. Be: This gift is experience based and somewhere to “be.” This could be a family trip to the zoo, a sporting event or even something like swim lessons!

How do you keep the holidays simple in your home? Drop a comment below!

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