Stuffing stockings is one of my favorite parts of gift giving. I feel like stockings force me to get extra creative and intentional about what is going in them, and I love using this as a way to sneak in some really practical gifts. Here is a mini stocking stuffer guide for everyone in the family, even the dog! The best part? Almost everything on this list is $20 or less!

For Your Hubby

Meat Shredder Claws

Personalized Tie Clip

Shoe Cleaning Wipes

Travel Cologne

Book (Greenlights is one of my hubby’s favorites!)

For Your Baby

O Ball

Indestructible Book

Training Toothbrush

Stacking Cups

Wobbler Toy

For Your Toddler

Bath Dropz


Weefarers Sunglasses

Water Wow! Pad

Kids Electric Toothbrush

For Your Dog

Plush Toy

Paw Balm




Friend's & Favorites

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