While I am not usually a person to set a new year resolution in the typical sense I love the feeling of a new year and using the start of it as a time to reflect, re-focus and think about changes I’d like to make moving forward. It’s probably not surprising that the most common resolutions include exercising more, losing weight and saving more money. These are great goals, but they aren’t the only resolutions you can make. Being a mom is already hard enough, so go easy on yourself! Here are a few resolution ideas to consider for 2023!

1. I resolve to prioritize myself.

I know we hear this a lot as moms, but it really is so important. The saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” rings true, and this doesn’t mean getting a shower or going grocery shopping solo (as wonderful as those things are). Get back into activities you love like reading, talking a daily walk or schedule yourself a spa day.

2. I resolve to talk to myself kindly.

Body image is something many moms struggle with, and with social media constantly setting unrealistic expectations, it isn’t surprising we are almost hardwired to criticize how we look. This year, resolve to be kind to the body you have, the body that nourished and protected children. When you look in the mirror this year, give yourself a compliment and move on. I always tell my mom to “talk to herself like she is talking to a friend.” If you wouldn’t say it to your bestie, don’t say it to yourself. Even better, practice some affirmations with your little one!

3. I resolve to let go of perfection.

A saying my coworker and I use a lot is “don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.” This year, let go of perfection and embrace good.

4. I resolve to stop comparing myself to other moms.

Not all comparison is unhealthy, but when comparison leads to low self-confidence and competition, the comparisons can become really harmful. Find supportive mom friends who lift you up and celebrate your wins. Remember social media for what it is, a highlight reel. Lastly, remember resolution 2 and be kind to yourself!

5. I resolve to say no.

You can’t be everywhere at one time, or everything to everyone. This year allow yourself to say no to things that add more stress to your life. For me this looks like leaving two weekends each month empty for free time at home.

6. I resolve to put down my phone and be present.

I am willing to guess that every one of us would like to reduce the amount of screen time in our lives. Not only will phone free time allow you to connect more with your little ones, it also provides a social media break which can in turn help with comparing yourself to others, body positivity and more!

What would you add to this list? Let me know down below!

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