It’s Saturday morning and the sun is barely up, but just like many of you, I’m already awake watching my 77-month-old play on the rug. While fixing a quick cup of coffee, I hear my other little ones come down the stairs one by one to watch Bluey. After I’ve downed my coffee it’s time to get packed up for a morning of fun! Whether just out for a quick breakfast, the park, the Zoo, the splash pad, or even just running errands one thing that always comes with us is the diaper bag. I try to keep mine well stocked so here are the essentials I swear by! 

Pro-tip, I’ve learned that the order of the diaper bag is just as important as what is inside because in a pinch you want to be able to grab things quickly! I load my diaper bag in this order so that the diapers and wipes stay towards the top so follow this order for added ease!

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

I love this bag because it’s just beautiful and the backpack keeps my hands free. It also has so many compartments for the items below.


I love the keep a pair of the CL Pajamas in my bag for when we are out late and the kids might fall asleep on the way home. I’m loving these for the Fall! I place these at the very bottom so they are always there and if they get used I replace them with a fresh pair. We are big Pumpkin Pie fans so I’m definitely packing this new CL print for the new season!

Change of Outfits

I like to pack a change of outfits for both my 7 month old and my 2.5 year old since they are the most likely to need an outfit change while we are out. I put these towards the bottom because chances are if my little ones need an outfit change I’m already going to have the diapers and wipes out too!

Cloth Training Underwear

Anyone else in the midst of potty training? Since my 2.5 year old is potty training it is important to have these in case she has an accident. 

Medicine/First Aid

Obviously, this is a very personal item to pack, but I like to keep a small Ziploc of some essentials. I keep Advil for my husband and I, band-aids, and Neosporin for my girls, and because my little man is sometimes gassy I keep the Gas drops in case they are needed. 

Pacifier Holder

This thing is a game changer!! I received it for my baby shower and I will now be adding this as a favorite item to give to others:

Mushie Baby Silicone Pacifier Case – Makes finding the pacifier so easy!


My little ones are hooked on these from MAM and I’m finally happy they offer ones without designs!

Baby Pouches

While we try to provide my 7 month old some very tiny options of the food we eat it’s also helpful to supplement his food with baby food pouches.


My girls love Pirate’s Booty and clementines so I am going to pop some of those in our diaper bag for when they are hungry, but it’s just not meal time yet.


I love these wipe-clean bib options!

Water Bottles

From a baby sippy cup to water bottles for each of my girls these are essential. 


I usually shove a smaller, travel sized bottle of Babyganics sunscreen in my diaper bag in case the playground is sunny. 

Wallet/smaller purse

I don’t like carrying an extra purse out so I have a larger wallet that I place in my diaper bag that contains my driver’s license, cards, a bit of cash, and our insurance cards so that I can easily access it if I want to pop in a shop or run an errand without a baby. 

Lip Gloss/Chapstick and Mascara

I try to keep one of my favorite shades and some mascara in the diaper bag for when I need to spruce up! 


I top the bag with my baby’s favorite personalized CL blanket so that it’s a quick grab.

Book, Toy, and/or Teethers

The last items I usually throw in the diaper bag are an interactive book, toy, or teether to use in a pinch! I am always grabbing this book because the flaps are just perfect!


This is obvious, but don’t forget to keep these towards the top for quick changes!  My 7-month-old is in size 3 diapers so I usually try to keep at least 5 of his diapers stocked.  


These are not only for baby diaper changes but for post-ice cream clean-ups and beyond. Trust me I’m going to be the Mom who still has wipes in her purse when her kids are in college because wipes are handy all the time and no matter your age!

Emergency Diaper!

Trust me, shove one diaper in a special pocket, and when you use this one you will always know it’s time to restock!!

What else do you bring along in your diaper bag? I am always trying to shove so many things in my bag, but it’s always better to be a bit over prepared than underprepared!

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