As Baby G approaches her ten month old milestone, we are also approaching the milestone of being completely weaned from breastfeeding. I always had intended on giving breastfeeding my best shot, and it worked out pretty easily for us from the get go. When I went back to work I got myself on a pumping schedule without many issues. Along the way we never battled with with supply issues, infections, or bottle refusal. Our feeding journey, unlike our birth experience, went pretty flawlessly. Going into breastfeeding, I never had a long-term feeding goal set and figured we would wean when the time felt right.

Why I Weaned

About six months back to work, the need to drop everything to pump three times a day started to wear on me. It became really hard to get into a groove, and I always felt less productive than I wanted to be. Baby G still doesn’t sleep through the night, so getting up multiple times a night, working full time, and making sure I pumped enough for daycare left me feeling like I was giving so much of myself. I never felt able to recharge or refill my own tank, so I decided to wean.

Our Process

Something I have come to realize is that there are one million resources for breastfeeding, but hardly any to support our weaning process. I felt pretty emotional about the decision and couldn’t find many others talking about it. During the process, I started by dropping one pump during the workday. Every two weeks I would drop another. Once workday pumps were gone, we slowly cut out bedtime feeds, and finally morning nursing sessions. We took it slow and steady.

Two months later and our weaning journey is almost done! We now use formula exclusively with a nursing session only during night wakeups. I feel more in control of my own body. I have time I can use to rest or recharge, and other people can help out with feedings. I feel a lot of mixed emotions still- a little happy and definitely a little sad. One thing I do not feel, is guilty.

Final Thoughts

Motherhood has taught that things are constantly changing and it is okay to feel conflicting ways about new phases. Whether you are choosing to wean, or the weaning process is happening on its own I hope this post encourages you to see the upside to one season ending a new one beginning.

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