How many times have you heard “Baby Shark”? It probably feels like a billion and I would bet that it makes you shudder a bit when you hear it come on now. Or maybe for you it’s Old McDonald or the Wheels on the Bus. No matter the song, I’m willing to bet every parent has a few songs they’d like to put on a do not play ever again list because after a while they just get a little annoying. But you don’t have to spend your days listening solely to traditional kids songs. I won’t lie…babies do like this kind of music so sprinkling it in can still be a lot of fun for your little one but it’s also ok to mix it up! Check out some of these suggestions for ideas of other options.


I’m guessing a lot of you have heard of the benefits to listening to classical music, no matter what age you are! There are studies that show classical music can help calm babies, actually bringing down their heart and breathing rates as well as soothing some of their stress. There is also some evidence that suggests it can promote brain development. It also has some benefits for you! It has been shown to relieve stress, aid sleep (a HUGE plus for a new mom!), it’s even been shown to lower blood pressure. With benefits for both you and baby, classical music is a great option to add some background music to your day while making dinner, taking a walk outside or while your baby relaxes in their swing.


Introduce your baby to some of your favorite music. Choose songs YOU already enjoy that are happy and upbeat for a mommy/baby dance party or calm and peaceful as naptime approaches or you’re trying to wind down. If your taste tends to lean towards big, loud music consider turning the volume down to something appropriate for your baby’s ears. You’ll of course want to consider the lyrics as well, especially as your baby gets older and starts to repeat everything they hear, but there isn’t anything wrong with letting your baby listen to “regular” music. I’ve found that my little guy is a big fan of some of my favorite country songs!


I don’t know about you but sometimes I just need a bit less stimulation and instrumental music becomes much more appealing than something with lyrics. Like we mentioned above, classical is a great option but sometimes you’re not in the mood for that style. Enter contemporary instrumental music. You can find a lot of stations on Pandora or Spotify that are instrumental but with familiar tunes. Just type in “instrumental genre” and explore the options.


If you feel like your own personal music is too much or not baby friendly enough but you’re still wanting something with lyrics, try to find “easy listening” artists or stations to listen to. Artists like Bob Marley, Michael Buble, Jack Johnson and so many others have music that is easy on the ears that will give your whole house a smooth and easygoing vibe even amongst the chaos. 

So if you’ve been worried that being a parent meant you were stuck listening to nursery rhymes and cartoon voices for the next five years, I hope these tips give you some ways to incorporate more enjoyable noise into your life. 

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