Grandmas are someone that many of us hold dear to our hearts. It can be difficult sometimes to
think of ways to show our love and gratitude for them. Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to
express to your grandma how much you treasure them. Here are a few gift ideas for all types of

1. A personalized coffee mug.

A personalized coffee mug is the perfect gift for the coffee loving grandma. It is special as well
as practical. There are so many options ranging from mugs that say “Grandma” to mugs that
can be personalized with all her grandkids names. Your grandma’s morning coffee will be even
more enjoyable when using a mug that she will cherish forever.

2. Birthstone Jewelry.

The perfect keepsake to give your grandma for Mother’s day is birthstone jewelry. You can
customize a necklace to include all of her grandchildren’s birthstones on it. She will be able to
always carry around a piece of her grandkids with her. Etsy is my personal favorite place to find
more affordable options.. As well as various styles of necklaces to best suit your grandma’s
personal style.

3. Make your own garden stepping stone.

A garden stepping stone kit is sure to be a favorite for the gardening grandma. She will be able
to proudly display her grandchildren in her garden. You can choose between putting her
grandchildrens footprints or handprints on a stepping stone. A way to make this gift even more
special is by allowing your grandma to make the stepping stone with her grandchildren. She will
cherish that memory forever.

4. Digital picture frame. 

A digital picture frame is an excellent option to keep your grandma up to date on all the latest
family photos . For grandmas that are not so tech savvy, you can pair the frame to your own
personal device to upload the photos for her. Grandmas will love being able to constantly
display and view new photos of their family.

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