Mornings with little ones can get hectic pretty fast. Before I established a morning routine I found myself becoming stressed and overwhelmed each morning…. starting the morning with chaos and meltdowns was not how I wanted to begin each day. Once, I created a morning routine, my kids and I both started enjoying our mornings together a lot more. If you can relate to needing help with structuring your mornings with little ones then check out my example below of what my typical morning schedule looks like:


A tip for making breakfast go as smoothly as possible is prepping the night before. I know it might sound like too much extra work but there are many quick breakfast recipes that won’t require a lot of effort to prepare. Some favorites of mine are yogurt parfaits and overnight oats.

7:30am-Brush Teeth/Get dressed/Make beds

A way that I make this part of my morning routine even easier is by setting out an outfit for each of my children the night before. If your children are old enough to get themselves dressed then they can simply put on the outfit that is already laid out for them. I even like to lay out my baby’s outfit the night before as well so I do not have to figure out what she is wearing in the morning.

8:00am-Independent Play

Independent play can be catered to your children’s particular interests. Open ended activities/toys that promote creativity tend to work best for independent play time. I find that they have a longer engagement time. Some favorites of my children are Play-Doh and Legos. Your children having engaging and fun activities during the morning will make your morning routine as a mom so much better!

9:30am-Outdoor play/Snack time

Getting some time outside is an essential part of my morning routine as a stay at home mom. My mood as well as my children is always improved by some fresh air. Scavenger hunts, I Spy, Family walks are some fun outdoor options.

11:00am-Nap time

My morning routine as a stay at home mom ends with nap time…Hopefully, you found some useful things to incorporate in your morning routine as a mom to make things easier for you. Please comment below any suggestions for other moms to use as a part of their morning routine.

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  • I love it. It’s so helpful and inspiring. I am so glad to have some insight to keep from being overwhelmed!

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