The weather is finally starting to cool down (hallelujah!), which makes taking family walks so much more enjoyable. While we’re currently loving the cooler, but still warm fall days, colder weather will be right around the corner.

I really try to get Baby G outside for a walk every day. With a little preparation, cold weather doesn’t mean walks with your little one have to stop. The science behind why babies need a little extra prep for cold weather is pretty simple. Little ones have less fat to insulate against the cold. They also aren’t great at shivering, which adults do to get blood flowing to warm up when it’s chilly. Babies also can’t tell you when they are too cold, making it extra important they are bundled up appropriately. 

Here is a quick checklist for getting your little one ready for a cold weather stroll!

Step 1:

Check the Temp. If it is below freezing, or the wind chill is making it extra cold, consider staying in. If it is really cold, try taking the baby for a walk inside your local mall.

Step 2:

Layer Up! A general rule of thumb is that babies need one more layer than adults. For example, if you have on a sweater and a coat, your baby needs a long-sleeve onesie, sweater, and a coat. Consider layering with medium-weight clothing so you can take a layer off easily if it warms up. 

Step 3:

Accessorize! Make sure your baby has on a hat, warm booties, and mittens. Depending on the age of your little one, you might grab a pair of these adorable teething mittens.

Step 4:

Cover Up! Grab a warm blanket or consider a bunting bag for your stroller to keep your little one toasty.

Step 5:

Keep it Quick. Because your baby can get cold easily, it may be best to keep your winter walks outside shorter. Consider doing a few short walks during the day instead of one longer one. 

Step 6:

Prep Yourself! Don’t forget your gloves, hat and winter-appropriate footwear, mama! Keeping yourself safe and warm is also important!

What are some ways you get your little ones outside during the winter?

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