There is no shortage of information available on Instagram, which can be great for new moms looking for advice or tips. I try to be very intentional with who I follow on social media, choosing to follow accounts that are uplifting, use evidence-based information, and really limit the amount of products they link to push sales. Here are my favorite accounts to follow!

My Favorite Accounts

  • Karrie Locher: Karrie is a postpartum nurse, baby nurse and lactation consultant. Her account features tons of tips for breastfeeding moms, along with so much other helpful information about caring for your babe!
  • Healthiest Baby: Managed by a pediatrician, @healthiest_baby features easy to understand infographics about babies and children. From how to encourage good behavior, to why watching the same movie on repeat can actually be beneficial, this account is full of great information!
  • Taking Cara Babies: This account is managed by a baby nurse and sleep consultant named Cara. She provides so many practical tips for improving sleep in babies and toddlers. While she does have courses available to purchase, she provides so much free information via Instagram and her blog.
  • Safe in the Seat: This account is a great resource for car seat safety information.
  • Baby Play Hacks: This account provides ways to use common objects you have at home as fun activities and play for your little one!
  • Solid Starts: This account is managed by a team of pediatric feeding experts and doctors. It features content on how to introduce real food to babies as well as tips for preventing or reversing picky eating.
  • Yummy Toddler Food: This account features tons of healthy, simple, kid-friendly snack and meal ideas, along with common issues that babies, toddlers and kids have with food.

Keep scrolling for some content from these accounts!

What are some of your other favorite accounts to follow?

Friend's & Favorites

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