Parents I feel like I unlocked a secret level of parenting that I need to share! A few Saturday’s ago I drank an entire hot cup of coffee and all 4 of my kids were already awake!

How did I do this you might ask…with the help of Cosmic Kids founder Jaime Amor. I first stumbled upon her Yoga videos on YouTube during COVID lockdown, but recently I learned there is a Cosmic Kids App that allows access to hundreds of videos and stories to empower kids, which is such a game changer!

I think it is so important to move my body each and every day and it is one thing to model this as adults, but I love that this app truly teaches our children to do that too!

Cosmic Kids Yoga is so engaging because it tells a story, while moving kids through various poses.

On this Saturday morning we chose Peter Cottontail and the Tickly Monkeys, which was a story that perfectly matched our super soft and perfect for lounging Caden Lane pajamas!

My kids listened so attentively to the story and thoroughly enjoyed the movements. It was honestly the cutest thing to see my 1 year old little guy try to mimic what his big sisters were doing! I also know from my own personal life that starting the day with this movement can really help control anxiety and improve overall mood!

This story was just a bit over 20 minutes long and I can honestly say that I felt so much better about this screen time than other alternatives that might have my kids just zoned out! With Cosmic Kids Yoga my girls were listening and engaging throughout the story to become different Spring animals with classic yoga moves.

They asked me to join in a few times and now I am truly excited to make this a regular part of our weekend mornings or even a fun pre-bedtime activity! I’m also happy to share that Caden Lane has a special discount, which is 20% off of an annual subscription to Cosmic Kids using the code CADENLANE20

I love thinking outside of the “basket” for Easter gifts and a subscription to Cosmic Kids would be a gift that would keep on giving for both parents and their children! Seriously next time I’m going to join in the poses and make it a family yoga class!

Namaste Friends!

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