Is your Pinterest feed full of fun ways to make the Easter Holiday more special? Baskets overflowing with eggs, snacks in the shape of fluffy animals, and families in matching outfits? Mine too! But If I’m being completely honest, I don’t care to invest all the time and energy into actually doing most of the things I pin. I guess you can say I’m the lazy mama.

That’s me! I’m Beka.

The really cool thing about kids is they don’t need a lot to be impressed and to feel involved and full of whimsy. Here is a super quick and cute breakfast you can make on Easter morning. Yes, even before church or family gatherings. It doesn’t take any extra time and will be sure to light up that little face with magic!

Things you need

My favorite thing about this breakfast is you probably already have everything you need. You can use your favorite homemade pancake recipe or store-bought mix. I’m a fan of a “complete” mix most of the time. You’ll also need some assorted fruits or add on for some details but you can get creative and use things you love and that your kids will enjoy.

The Process

Make one normal round pancake and two small ovals and plate it up in the shape of a bunny’s butt and feet. I used a piece of scrambled eggs for the tail, a strawberry slice for the pad of his foot, and halved blueberries for his toes. This really is a use-what-you-have breakfast! You can get creative here and use whipped cream for the fluffy tail, and raisins or chocolate chips for the toes.


We love keeping it simple but fun at breakfast.

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