Trick-or-treat is one of the best days during the fall season. I love watching all of the neighborhood kids run around and show off their costumes. One family in our neighborhood dressed their baby up as Post Malone last year, LOL! I love trick-or-treat but I’ll admit it, as an exercise physiologist I hate passing out Halloween candy. Don’t get me wrong, candy is totally fine in moderation, but between all of the other homes in our neighborhood, kids will get plenty of it even if I choose something else. 

Because I don’t need any kids egging our house, passing out healthier alternatives does NOT have to mean toothbrushes or apples. Check out some of the items we’ll be stocking up on for trick-or-treat at our home! These alternatives are lots of fun, and a bonus is they are allergy-free so no kid is left out of the holiday!

1. LED Halloween Rings

2. Glow in the dark slime

3. Ghost backpack clips

4. Jack-O-Lantern slinkies

5. Halloween bubbles

6. Slap bracelets

What are you passing out this Halloween? Drop us a comment below!

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