My maternity leave ends in two weeks, and I’m going to keep it real with you- I’m SAD. My career has always been really important to me and staying home after Baby G was born was never the plan, but even so, I’m struggling. 

As a first-time mom, I looked to an online community for some support and tips in this transition and the advice I got was so helpful and  encouraging! I’ve compiled my favorite tips and words of encouragement and wanted to share them with you for if you find yourself struggling during this big leap, like me.

Tips for Transitioning to Daycare:

  • It will be hard the first day/week. Give yourself grace. Let the tears fall. 
  • Consider sending them a few times before you start back to work, this way you can get all your emotions out and not feel pressured during the work day to hold it together. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask someone at the daycare for pictures throughout the day – they are used to this being a hard transition period for parents. 
  • Call during your lunch break and ask how your little one is doing!
  • Prepare for them to get sick from being around other kids. Consider a pediatrician approved immunity booster.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the teachers any preferences you have, they truly want to make the transition easy for your baby as well.
  • Be prepared to cry over the cute arts and crafts that come home!
  • Pack milk and snacks the night before so you can grab and go in the mornings. 
  • Our daycare asked for everything to be labeled- if you’re wanting to resell clothes, put them in a ziploc labeled bag instead of writing right on the clothes or labels. Sharpie and some painters blue tape goes a long way for labeling bottles!

Read on for some words of encouragement and tips from other moms who have been in your shoes! 

“We absolutely love our daycare and every development milestone they’ve hit has been a result of being in daycare and around other kids.”

“I personally feel like a better mom when I go to work then get to come home to my babies!”

“My little one loves it and now will walk right in most days, learns so much, talks so much, does activities more than what I would probably do at home, and I’m ok because I know it’s good for him on so many levels, and I am able to provide him with a great life because I’m working.” 

“When I pick up my daughter, she is always so happy, and the interaction with other children is wonderful. Within the first week she came home and pulled herself up on furniture, I definitely think it was from watching the other little ones.”

“My son LOVES daycare, so it was only hard for me- he transitioned really well!”

“You get into a routine, and socialization for our babies is a really great thing!”

“After a few days your little one will get used to going and love it! Our son has been going for two months now and he has so much fun playing there. He’s wiped out by the time he gets home and it’s helped with keeping him asleep through the night.  They have so many activities even for the tiny babies it’s so worth sending them.”

I hope these words of wisdom bring you some peace and encouragement if you are gearing up for this big change. Knowing others are navigating, or have already successfully navigated the transition to daycare has helped to calm my nervous heart. Hang in there mama, you’ve got this!

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